This Hospital In Kerala Used Photo of Morgan Freeman For Its Skincare Treatment Advertisement

We all know who Morgan Freeman is. At least some of us. For the unaware ones, well, Morgan Freeman is just another person who has ‘really bad skin issues’.

The Vadakara cooperative hospital in Kozhikode district mistakingly used a picture of Morgan Freeman to promote their skincare treatments. Little did they know who he was. But, they sure as hell paid a hefty price for it and had to take down the advertisement because of the backlash.

Their ad with his photo on display said, “Get your skin tags, DPNs, warts, milia, molluscum and comedones removed through simple procedures easily in a single visit”. This went viral on social media and people were enraged. After all, he is a respected legend in Hollywood and an Oscar-winning actor.

The hospital authorities had to immediately apologise. And of course, take down the advertisement. They shared a press release stating that it was an unintentional mistake on their part. They said, “The picture on the billboard of the dermatology department of Vadakara Co-operative Hospital is an unintentional mistake. The board was removed and action was taken as soon as it was brought to our notice. The billboard image has become a controversial topic on social media and we tender unconditional apologies if it has hurt anyone in any way.”

The advertisement was made by a local advertising agency that had no idea about Morgan Freeman. Their ignorance and the hospital’s mindlessness led to a PR stunt gone majorly wrong.

Netizens are super pissed; here’s what they had to say:

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