This Heritage Homestay In Kottayam Reeks Royalty

Are you looking for a peaceful retreat amidst the serene Kerala countryside? Look no further than Anugraha, a heritage homestay in the Aymanam village of Kottayam. This villa will enchant you with its rustic charm and contemporary elegance.

Anugraha is a beautifully restored heritage villa that was built more than a century ago. This stunning property is situated on a vast 7.5-acre land, surrounded by lush greenery, canals, and a serene pond. The landscape has been designed by the renowned architect, Tom Stuart-Smith, and comprises an array of tropical fruit trees, bamboo, ferns, and a picturesque garden.

This delightful villa boasts two bedrooms, a spacious master bedroom, and an inviting attic room, providing ample space for up to six guests. The interiors are tastefully decorated with a modern art touch, creating an elegant and welcoming ambience. In addition, the villa features a cosy study room, a fully equipped kitchen, and spacious living and dining areas for guests to enjoy.

Anugraha offers a range of amenities such as a swimming pool and a massage room where guests can indulge in a traditional Keralan massage upon request. The most remarkable aspect of the stay is the cuisine, prepared in the style of the Syrian Christian community to which the original homeowners belonged. The delectable dishes are either vegan with a rich blend of coconut, rice, and vegetables or non-vegetarian with ample servings of seafood and beef.

Exploring the Kerala countryside can be a delightful experience, either by taking a relaxing stroll around the estate or enjoying a peaceful boat ride along the backwaters. Furthermore, the backwaters provide an excellent opportunity for birdwatching, with numerous bird species to observe.

Anugraha in Kottayam is perfect for travellers looking for a comfortable and homely stay amid nature. The cost for a night’s stay is approximately ₹20,000. Book your stay at Anugraha to experience the charm of the Kerala countryside and the hospitality of a heritage homestay.

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