This Delicious Sharjah Shake In North Paravur Is Just INR 20

If you’re looking for a delicious and affordable Sharjah shake, look no further than Kannaparambil Stores in North Paravur in Kerala. This small store sells a variety of essentials, but its speciality is the Sharjah Shake. And the best part? It only costs INR 20!

A food enthusiast and traveller named Anees Bin Azeez created a video showcasing his experience trying a Sharjah Shake at an affordable price of INR 20. The shop can be found right across from St. Mary’s Church in Chendamangalam, making it conveniently accessible for both tourists and locals. The shop offers various items, including fresh produce, grains, spices, packaged snacks, as well as cleaning supplies and toiletries. However, the highlight of the place is undoubtedly its Sharjah Shake, making it a must-visit spot.

The Sharjah Shake is a creamy, frothy drink made with milk, ice cream, and a unique blend of spices. However, the store owner uses iced milk, ice cream, a banana, a small packet of Boost, and a tinge of sugar. He even goes a step further to decorate the glass. How thoughtful!

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It’s a favourite among locals, who swear by its delicious taste and affordable price. And it’s not just locals who love it – tourists who stumble upon the shop often leave with a smile. So if you find yourself in North Paravur craving a delicious and affordable shake, stop by this little shop and try the Sharjah Shake. At just INR 20, it’s a steal, and you won’t be disappointed by the rich and flavorful taste.

Address: P.O, Opposite St. Mary’s Church, Valiyapallamthuruth, Chendamangalam, North Paravur, Kerala 683512

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