This Cosy Cottage in Kollam Overlooks the Iconic Jatayu Earth Centre

Imagine waking up to the sight of the Jatayu Earth Centre every morning. It’s like having a mythical guardian as your neighbour. We found a cosy cottage that overlooks the Jatayu Earth Centre, and it is as magical as the iconic location.

This quaint studio cottage is nestled in the charm of Chadayamangalam. Perched atop the landscape, the cottage offers a mesmerising view of the renowned Jatayu Earth Centre, adding a touch of mythic allure to your stay.

This Cosy Cottage in Kollam Overlooks the Iconic Jatayu Earth Centre

Upon opening the door to the cottage, you will be welcomed by a warm embrace of earthy tones and cosy furnishings that blend seamlessly with the natural beauty outside. The rustic charm of the interior creates a homey atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re away from home. The spacious living area and bedroom provide ample room for relaxation and comfort.

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Inside the cottage, every nook tells a story of comfort and charm. From the pinewood furniture to the warm lighting, it’s a blend of simplicity and luxury. The studio is a haven that seamlessly blends with the verdant surroundings. As the soft glow of natural lighting delicately traces the edges of the finely crafted flooring, every corner exudes warmth and fondness. You can easily wake up to the enchanting early morning hues, and let the various trekking trails nearby awaken the adventurer in you. 

Every corner of this retreat offers mesmerizing views that unfold like a painting, creating a tranquil backdrop for your stay. And when it’s time for some joyous moments with your loved ones, the swimming pool becomes the perfect stage. Bask in the breathtaking views, take a dip, soak in the serenity and let the view of Jatayu elevate your swimming experience to legendary heights. It is a portal to paradise.

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This Cosy Cottage in Kollam Overlooks the Iconic Jatayu Earth Centre

Venture into the lush green forests surrounding the cottage. Each trek is a journey into the heart of Kerala’s natural beauty. Who knows what mythical secrets you might stumble upon.?

Stay at a cost of INR 5787/-, which is inclusive of breakfast. Trust me; it’s basically the cost of turning your stress into confetti, totally priceless! This cottage is not just a place to stay; it’s a passage to tranquillity, exploration, comfort, and the beauty that surrounds us. So don’t miss this one out.

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