This Beedi Worker in Kerala Contributed 2 Lakh to the CMDRF for Free COVID Vaccines

With only 850 Rupees left in his bank account, this beedi worker, who goes by the name Janardhanan, contributed two lakh to the Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund (CMDRF) in order to help the State provide free COVID vaccines in Kerala.

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Janardhan hails from Kuruva in the Kannur district of Kerala. He is deaf in both ears and makes beedi for a living. He lost his wife a year ago and has two daughters who live with their families. Despite his condition, he was willing to sacrifice his life savings for the betterment of others. That’s an act of kindness no one will ever forget. The bank officials did enquire about his financial situation, wondering how he would survive with such a small amount in the bank. Janardhan shared that apart from the money he would receive from the job he had, he also had access to the differently-abled monthly pension from the State Government.

In an article shared by Indian Express, Janardhanan is quoted to have said, “When I heard in the news on TV that the vaccine would be sold to the state at ₹400/dose, in turn, becoming a major burden for the state government, I knew that I couldn’t stand and watch. That night, I couldn’t sleep. The next day, I went to the bank. I felt relieved only after donating the money. He further added, “What’s the use of accumulating so much money? People’s lives are bigger. Only when there’s life can there be an administration and a system.”

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It’s these positive stories that give us hope for a better future in such grave times. What Janardhan did is a wholesome act, and it goes to show the kindness people have within them.

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