This Beautiful Hilltop Stay is close to Kerala’s Natural Sandalwood Forest in Marayoor

Nestled within the scenic landscapes of Marayoor, Kerala, lies The Mudhouse – a serene retreat that invites travellers to disconnect from the chaos of city life and appreciate the beauty of nature. Although it is a four-hour drive from Coimbatore, the journey through the fascinating jungles of Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Sandalwood Forest along the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border is the perfect introduction to the peaceful atmosphere that awaits.

A Boutique Sanctuary in the Heart of Nature

The Mudhouse is a hidden gem in the rural landscapes of Marayoor and the vast expanse of the Western Ghats. It boasts four charming mud cottages and a delightful treehouse. While clay houses are common in the area, The Mudhouse stands out with its aesthetically pleasing traditional Kerala architecture, reminiscent of ancient dwellings. The four Earth houses provide an insight into a simplistic way of life, surrounded by lush greenery and native flora, small terrace farms, and multiple lounging spots. The stunning treehouse features a peaceful patio that overlooks the tropical surroundings, offering an exclusive view that is not to be missed!

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A Natural Materials Orchestra

The Mudhouse adopts an eco-luxury philosophy, employing locally obtained natural materials such as mud, wood, bamboo, coconut palm fronds, and grass in a way that feels natural. Each home, adorned with Warli paintings and simple furnishings, radiates a sense of simplicity and closeness to the environment. The mere presence of a nearby river, open-air bathing facilities, unhindered views of nature, and uncontaminated fresh air create an atmosphere that ensures your stay remains etched in your memory.

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Doorway to Action and Tradition

The Mudhouse offers bicycle and car rental services for those who wish to discover the region’s numerous attractions. Marayoor is a region unto itself, as it is the only part of Kerala with its own natural sandalwood forests. It preserves antiquity’s secrets, with dolmens and rock art extending back to the Stone Age. The Eravikulam National Park and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, each with their own set of wonders, are both close by, as is the appealing tea town of Munnar. In-house cooks may share culinary wisdom, or you might travel to the closest towns to interact with skilled craftspeople for a more intimate involvement with the local culture.

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A Haven of Peace and Introspection

The Mudhouse’s swing-like beds and green garden offer adequate potential for peaceful reflection for anyone seeking comfort from the clamour of modern life. In the middle of the relaxing vegetation, you might even reconnect with your inner self while on a beautiful trek through an unknown trail! Who knows?  If you are an adventure seeker and are looking for an ideal getaway that can offer historical sites, hiking trails, aquatic experiences, and gorgeous overlooks, then The Mudhouse Marayoor ticks all of these categories!

The Mudhouse Marayoor offers an extensive itinerary for unwinding, rejuvenation, and reconnection with the everyday pleasures of life, from discovering ancient dolmen caves to trekking to the nearby waterfalls, spotting wildlife like deer, tuskers, and bison, or just chilling on the balcony with a good book and a cup of tea! 

Further Details :

Location: Building No. 382, Channelmedu, Anakalpetty, Off, Munnar – Udumalpet Rd, Marayoor, Kerala

Check-Out Time11: 00 AM

PriceStarting from ₹7000

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