This Artist From Trivandrum Does Urban Sketches That Are Too Good To Be True

Urban sketching is a freestyle form of sketching that is done on location. In other words, it is an art that is drawn from direct observation of an outdoor environment. While urban sketchers focus on architecture or streets, they can also include restaurants, stations, or any public place. We found an urban sketcher from Trivandrum, Kiran M, who loves to draw places that would resonate with the locals of Trivandrum. You will be in awe of his urban sketches.

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Kiran M urban sketcher in Kerala

Kiran is a 22-year-old self-taught freelance artist from Ambalamukku. He has always been inclined towards art ever since he was a child. It started out as a hobby during his school days turned into his biggest passion. You’ll find urban sketches of Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple, Kerala Legislative Assembly building, Lulu Mall, Vettucaud Church, Kuthiramalika, Museum and Zoo and many other picturesque destinations in his sketchbook.

This Artist From Trivandrum Does Urban Sketches That Are Too Good To Be True

Speaking with PinkLungi, he shared, “I began sketching buildings and landmarks while I used to go for my morning jogs. From my house, I would jog to the museum compound and even around the statue via kowdiar. I love capturing the buildings and architectural designs around the capital city. Sometimes I do urban sketches live. I always carry a sketchbook and an Artline pen with me. It helps me understand the architectural style and design of the city.” 

Kiran posts all of his artworks on his Instagram page. Apart from urban sketches, he is also proficient in Kerala mural painting, canvas painting, wall art, instrument painting, doodles, urban sketches, graffiti work, wooden art, turning empty fabric bottles into decor items, and tyre seat painting.

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This Artist From Trivandrum is super multi-talented.

This multi-talented artist has always been intrigued by the beauty of each and every artwork. He says, “Everything has a beauty of its own. I love colours and art in all forms. My dream is to paint on big walls and canvases”.

Tyre art work

Recently, Kiran had done an urban sketch for Ariya Nivas Hotel at Thampanoor where he sketched six iconic locations on a stretched board. He had also done a wall art for a nursery school in Kuruthamkode. 

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This Artist From Trivandrum Does Urban Sketches That Are Too Good To Be True

Kiran finds inspiration in his home studio where he spends most of his time. He also takes up commissioned works, in case you are interested. The prices of each work depend on days, time, effort and price of art materials. He sources all his materials from the Balaji store, Pulimoodu. You can follow him on Instagram and Facebook to check out his work. In fact, he even has a YouTube Channel – Urban Artist – where he uploads detailed videos of his work. 

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