Things We Find in a Bathroom: Malayalee Edition

There’s no doubt that the bathroom is a safe haven for all of us. And we are the most comfortable in our own bathrooms. But like unity in diversity, there are certain items in our bathrooms that are common. We have thus compiled a list of laughs for you.


Mudi in the Odu

The cause for many of your fights with your mother; the long strands of hair that block the drainage. It doesn’t go down the ‘odu’ no matter how many gallons of water you pour, and you have to scoop it up with a bobby pin or chooral and throw it away. The disgust too, can’t be washed away! 

Mudi in the odu


If you live in your house rent-free, the Palli lives in your bathroom without even your permission! You’ll find it in an obscure section of the wall, creepily observing you. It borrows its powers from kuttichathan and can disappear in the blink of an eye, literally. Palli is the definition of “monsters in the shower” because you can imagine running out naked if one fell on you. 

Palli in the bathroom

Wet Thorthu 

When someone says towel, the only mental image you get is the off white towel with the red/green lines (the white, colour, of course, lasts only until you’ve washed it with coloured clothes). If you are not the first to head into the bathroom on a day, you are sure to run into at least one wet ‘thorthu’, hung up for drying.  

Wet thorthu

Green Soap

The green Medimix and Chandrika are the ‘soap ambassadors’ in a Malayali home. Occasionally in competition with the white/orange Santoor, these green soaps almost smell the same and the odour itself can incept the thought of taking a bath. And the best part is, they are multipurpose – from washing yourself to the clothes to your pet. 


Smaller Soap Struck over the Bigger Soap

If you’re from a middle-class family, you know what we mean. Whether it is squeezing the soul out of a toothpaste tube or using a bar of soap until it dissolves into your hands, we utilise everything ‘to the end’. So when we can’t hold the soap or it starts slipping out of our hands, we use some water and ‘paste’ it to a new soap. And the cycle continues. 

Smaller soap struck over the bigger soap

Pottu on the Mirror

We all love to adore ourselves in the mirror, but our mothers love to leave behind their ‘pottu’ or bindis on the mirror. It’s like a secret stash from where they choose the pottu in the morning. From the big red one to the small black one, Chandramukhi would love this collection.


Wet Undergarments 

Privacy in a Malayali household? It’s a joke. While many prefer washing their undergarments while they bathe, others love to leave them soaked in a bucket of soap water. Either way, they go up the ropes or steel bars in your bathroom, so don’t forget to maintain your best pairs only.


Newspaper on the windows

Newspapers are recycled in multiple ways in a Malayali household. The most fruitful one might be when it’s stuck on the windows to keep the Sun away and keep your kulli scene private. Shower curtains are clearly overrated!

Newspaper on the windows

So what are some unique things that you’ve found in your bathroom? 

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