Things Only Book Lovers Will Understand

You all should know this by now. We, at PinkLungi, love reading, discovering and dissecting books. It’s one of those simple pleasures we seek in life. While we’re on the topic of books, do note that we aren’t going to suggest new ones to read. In fact, we’re going to explore the world of book lovers…like us.

We, book lovers, have certain habits that can go unnoticed by a common person. But, these habits form our relationship with books. Here are a few things only book lovers will relate to. If you’re one of them, hit us up with your most-common habit. We’d love to know.

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The senti-reader knows what it means to die even though it’s just a fictional picture that books paint. They cry, bucket loads when their favourite character dies. It’s worse than a real-life heartbreak.

Book Lovers

We constantly wonder why we don’t meet people who are as good as the characters from a book.

Book Lovers

Are you even a book lover if you don’t post Pinterest-like pictures of your (unread) books on social media?

Book Lovers

Your parents are always surprised how you sleep among books. They often wonder what your sleeping position is like. They also pray that they don’t have to take you to a chiropractor in the future.

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Waking up among books

Ugly or not, a bookmark is a bookmark. A free one is even better.

Getting a free bookmark while buying books

You either have a pocket notebook or a Notes app on your smartphone where you keep a track of all the books you ‘need’ to read before you die.

Book Lovers

This phenomenon is called Bibliosmia, in case you didn’t know. In layman language, it’s called musty. But, we’re all for fancy words so musty doesn’t count.

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Book Lovers

Why did I even buy these books? – This is one of the many existential questions that take us by surprise often.

Buying books and not reading them

Because of our dying (or dead) attention span, concentrating while reading is a pain in the ass. All it takes is a flying kaka to pass by for us to go from “I solemnly swear I am up to no good ” to “I wonder where the kaka lives”.

Book Lovers
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