The Teaser Of Actor Jayasurya’s Sunny Is Here

Amazon Prime Video announced the exclusive global premiere of the film Sunny starring Jayasurya as the lead. The teaser of Sunny is out, and it looks promising.

Written and directed by Ranjith Sankar, the film is produced by both Ranjith Sankar and Jayasurya under the banner of Dreams N Beyond. This film marks their eighth collaboration. Save the date on 23rd September 2021 to watch this feel-good movie.

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Sunny, played by Jayasurya, is a lonely guy who loses a lot in his life, be it the love of his life, money, and even his best friend. Unable to comprehend the situation, he smuggles himself to Kerala from Dubia during the pandemic. In Kerala, he remains aloof and drowns in his own emotional turmoil. His life, however, changes when he befriends a couple of curious strangers over the course of seven days. They make suggestions, personal advice, and even empowers him to see life differently. Will Sunny see the light in it all? We’ll have to wait and watch.

Sunny teaser

Sunny stitches together drama and suspense to give us a watch that’s light yet thought-provoking. We are yet to know if it keeps up with our expectations.

“Sunny is a riveting story of a musician who finds himself in an emotional crisis, and how a sudden turn of events and interactions with complete strangers help him rekindle hope and joy,” said the Actor and Producer of the film, Jayasurya. “This is my 100th film as an actor and I couldn’t be more humbled to play yet another striking character. I have had a prolific partnership with Ranjith throughout, and this one is truly special. I am beyond happy that my 100th film is going to premiere on Amazon Prime Video and will reach a global audience across 240 countries.”

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Teaser Sunny

 Producer, Writer, and Director of Sunny, Ranjith Sankar shared, “Sunny is a film that’s extremely close to my heart. The unique narrative focuses on one single character and I couldn’t be happier to have an actor like Jayasurya to bring out this character so exceptionally well.” He added, “The film is replete with human emotions that we have carefully woven into the script, which the audiences will relate to. I am hopeful that viewers will appreciate our film and I am really looking forward to its premiere on Amazon Prime Video which will help us showcase our work to a global audience.”

Watch the teaser of Sunny below:

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