The New Vagbhatananda Park in Kerala is Differently-abled Friendly

You won’t beleive it but people are actually comparing this park to a European city. The newly built park called the Vagbhatananda Park at Karakkad, located near Vadakara in Kozhikode district of Kerala is taking the internet by storm with its classy, differently-abled friendly design.


The park was recently inaugurated by Kerala’s Tourism Minister Kadakampalli Surendran. Post the inauguration, the pictures went super-viral on the internet, and we Malayalis can’t believe it is located in Kerala. An amount of 2.80 crore rupees was invested by the Kerala Government to build this park. It is named after Sri Vagbhadananda Guru, one of Kerala’s well-known social reformer who had fought against caste discrimination. 

Vagbhatananda Park I PinkLungi
Vagbhatananda Park I PinkLungi

Wondering what’s special about the Vagbhatananda Park?

Apart from its distinguished outlook and spectacular architectural design, this park is equipped with a badminton court, an open gymnasium, an open stage, and has a separate children’s park.

Vagbhatananda Park I PinkLungi

What’s more, the sidewalks and toilets are made accessible for the differently-abled so that they too can experience it. The pathways are designed to accommodate people who commute on wheelchairs too. To make the place more accommodative to visually impaired individuals, the paths also have tactile tiles, which are textured ground surface indicators that help them navigate crowded and visually-oriented paths.


The before and after transformation of the park will leave you in shock. Just saying!

These minute architectural details set the Vagbhatananda Park apart from the conventional park designs in Kerala, ushering in a new kind of architectural writing that places inclusivity and human comfort over anything else. This park will definitely set the standard for future projects of development within Kerala by striving towards building more universally-designed spaces. Kerala is slowly paving the path for accessible-tourism.

Would you visit this park anytime soon? Let us know in the comments.

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