The Malayalis Who Got A Thumbs Up From Messi

By now you must’ve seen this video of a Malayali fan who called out to Messi and got a thumbs up from the legend in return.

The two Malayalis who were lucky enough to be on the balcony next to Messi are Anas P A and Sameer. Anas is from Thaikulam, Thrissur and is Sameer is from Tanur, Malappuram. The two of them work in Qatar. They were on a trip to Paris and staying at Hotel Le Royal Monceau along with their Iranian friend Naeem.

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Guess who was staying in the room next door? No point for guessing, but it was Lionel Messi. Messi, who had recently moved to Paris following his transfer from Barcelona to PSG, was waving at fans from his balcony when Anas and Sameer called out to him. Thiago seems to have heard someone calling his father’s name and nudged his father, and Messi acknowledged their call.

Anas and Sameer told Mathubhumi news that they had been waiting on the streets to see Messi’s arrival but had returned to their rooms disappointed as they missed his arrival. And that’s when this chance encounter happened.

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Sameer also managed to capture a selfie with Messi a day after his arrival in Paris. He had waited outside the restaurant, called out to Messi when he saw him coming and snapped a selfie.

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