The Malayalam Cringe Songs List – Visual Cringe

This Malayalam cringe songs list is a result of years of our passionate love towards badly executed/badly conceived films. We genuinely hope we can get at least a few of you to appreciate the beauty in these cringeworthy works of art.

So here goes!

Dekho Simple Magic (Indraprastham)

The creator of ADOFOM brags about his knowledge of cutting-edge technology while his sidekicks dance along.

Thulli Thulli (Parayam)

“Sir, we have a dope disco song planned. But it features Madhu Warrier and so the producer isn’t giving us money to film it. Can you fund it?”
“Okay, but subtly place my brand in the background.”

Seyyavo Seyya Seyya (Mazhamegha Pravukal)

If Prayam Nammil (Niram) had a cousin who snorted cocaine all the time…

Vasantharaavin (Kaiyethum Doorath)

All of us have that one embarrassing high school fuckup we don’t want people to dig up. So does Fahad Faasil. Except his fuckup was slightly more public.

Mizhiyil Mizhiyil (Mayabazar)

Ikka having an existential crisis in the middle of this song was unscripted.

Kadumthudi Evide (December)

Everytime you watch this masterpiece, you will notice a new minute detail. We’re currently obsessing over that male nurse chettan.

Oh Priya (Twenty:20)

19-year-old college boy played by 41-year-old Dileep, takes his girlfriend through a kandam on a beach buggy. Joshiy sir, what were you thinking?!

Assalayi (LolliPop)

When director told Raju to come to the set in full power, and Raju went and had a whole bottle of Musli Power Extra.

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Kalamanodishtam (Big Brother)

A10 realises that he has walked into a disaster. Meanwhile, Sarjano thinks this is his big break.

Ithu Azhaku (Love in Singapore)

Director: Gals indavum, ramp undavum, dance cheyyanam. Set Alle?
Ikka: LOL oru sofa vekkuo? Njan avde irunnolam. Baaki thaan enthelum okke cheyy!

Alakadalin (December)

The largest animal on Earth based on weight is the blue whale. The hawtest?

Yo Yo Payya (Boyy Friennd)

Deepfakes before they went mainstream.

Oru Mutham Thedi (Independence)

Watch out for Krishna’s rare ‘fanboy’ moment.

Malaramban (Chukkan)

Make love not war.

Maamara (Mazhamegha Pravukal)

If power is the consumption of energy per unit of time, this song is POWERFUL!

Peelithirumudi (Mamangam)

Why, Ikka, why?!

We’ll be putting up more Malayalam cringe songs lists in the coming weeks, so share your suggestions in comments!

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