The Left-handed Eater: The Consequence Of Eating With Your South Indian Sinister Hand

Have you ever been to a restaurant in Kerala and noticed someone eating with their left hand? Congratulations, you have just spotted a rare species: a left-handed eater.

I came across this hilarious video by Nirmal Pillai and Ahilya Bamroo, where they showcase what it feels like to be a left-hander. It was so funny that I had to write this article.

Left-handed people make up around 10-12% of the world’s population, and in the state of Kerala in India, they are no exception. Eating is one of life’s most basic and essential activities, but it can sometimes feel like a daily struggle for a left-handed eater. In a world designed for right-handed individuals, left-handers must often adapt to everyday situations and challenges, including eating.

Being a left-handed eater has its advantages

For starters, you are automatically handed the menu before anyone else at the table since most people assume you are the first to be seated. Secondly, you are free from the judgmental gaze of other diners who might find it weird to see someone eating with their non-dominant hand.

In Kerala, food is served in traditional thalis, large round platters with several small bowls. This makes it easy for left-handers to use their dominant hand without feeling like they are reaching across someone else’s food. Additionally, eating with the hands is common in Kerala, giving left-handers more freedom to use their dominant hand without drawing attention to themselves.

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It also has its fair share of disadvantages

For instance, you might have to deal with servers who are not accustomed to left-handed eaters and end up placing your plate on the wrong side. And let’s not forget the awkward moments when you are sharing a dish and have to manoeuvre your left hand around to grab your share awkwardly.

In Kerala, you may face challenges in more formal settings where utensils are the norm. The traditional eating style in India, where the right hand is used to bring food to the mouth, may not be convenient for left-handers. They may also encounter issues with the design of tables and chairs, which are often made for right-handed individuals.

But, the real struggle begins when dining with traditional families who follow the custom of using only the right hand for eating. You might be subject to disapproving glares and even asked to switch hands in such situations.

Despite these challenges, left-handed eaters in Kerala persevere and enjoy their meals with pride. After all, who says you need two hands to enjoy a good meal? So, to all the left-handed eaters out there, embrace your quirks and keep chowing down with that left hand!

So, don’t be surprised the next time you spot a left-handed eater in Kerala. Just be envious of their unique dining experience.

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