The Kozhikode Sessions Court Makes Regressive Statements While Granting Bail To Civic Chandran

In a shocking turn of events, the Kozhikode Sessions Court granted anticipatory bail to Civic Chandran stating that the complainant wore a ‘sexually provocative dress’. The court ruled that “Section 354A will not prima facie stand against the accused” because of the same reason.

During a poetry camp held at Nandi beach near Koyilandy in the month of February, author and activist Civic Chandran allegedly forced a young publisher to sit on his lap. Throughout the event, he went on to grope her.

In court, his lawyers produced photographs of the event stating that the complainant was with her boyfriend. The event took place amidst a large crowd and no one else has raised a complaint against him.

The Sessions Court could not believe that a 74-year-old physically challenged man could force someone on his lap. They also stressed that the six-month delay in filing the case would mean a thorough investigation of the delay. Their added remark on the complainant’s attire clearly showed that they were putting the blame on the complainant and citing rape-survivor stereotypes.

Here’s what Twitter had to say about Kozhikode Sessions Court’s regressive remarks.

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