The Family Man Season 2 Trailer Is Here!

The wait is over! Amazon Prime Video officially released the trailer of the highly acclaimed show, The Family Man season 2, and 4th June 2021 as the release date. We’re pretty excited to watch!

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Growing up watching James Bond and Jason Bourne, we’ve yearned to see an Indian intelligence operative on screen. The Family Man partially fulfilled our wishes. Srikant Tiwari isn’t a secret agent who goes global trotting to demolish evil masterplans. He is a humble “family man” who works as an analyst in the counter-intelligence infrastructure. The closest analogy to Hollywood that I can think of is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Eraser. But unlike Eraser, The Family Man is grounded and realistic. And while the story is fictional, it is said to have been inspired by newspaper clippings.

The first season went to great lengths to build the world of The Family Man and left us on the edge of our seats with a cliffhanger finale. The Family Man season 2 is poised to have a bigger scale, higher stakes, and a fiercer nemesis. According to the synopsis of the second season, here’s what you can expect:

This season Srikant Tiwari will be pitted against a new, powerful and brutal adversary named Raaji, essayed by Samantha Akkineni. The 9-part season of the thriller will see Srikant continuing to jostle between the duality of being a middle-class family man and a world-class spy and trying to save the nation from an imminent attack. Packed with exciting twists and an unexpected climax, the upcoming season of the edgy action-drama series will give a riveting glimpse of the two worlds of Srikant.

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Watch the trailer of The Family Man Season 2 below:

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