The Burger Junction’s ‘The Hellboy Burger’ Is So Hot That You Won’t Survive Even A Bite

Burgers are one of the most convenient and easiest foods to eat on the fly. It is made up of a bun, a ground meat patty, and various toppings like lettuce, onion, cheese, and tomato. Many restaurants are well-known for their burgers served in different styles. One among those restaurants is the ‘The Burger Junction’ with outlets in Thrissur and Ernakulam.

Four years ago, The Burger Junction introduced a new burger called ‘The Hellboy Burger’. The name may sound odd, but it is most likely to create curiosity among the customers. A special caution in the menu card makes them even more curious to order it- “not recommended for women, children, and pregnant women.

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The Hellboy Burger comes in a blood-red-coloured bun with no lettuce, tomato, or cheese as topping on the patty. Instead, it is topped with red chilly and flakes. The pungent smell hits your nose and is enough to create a burning sensation. The patty inside is that of beef which is slightly bigger than the normal patty with a smoky flavour. The first bite will make you feel like you can go for a bigger bite in the second go but that is one of the most dangerous decisions you could ever make. Immediately after the second bite, everything went upside down. My labial area started to feel the spice, and my tongue turned red. 

The ghost pepper in the sauce will turn you into a fire-splitting dragon at once. Your body will heat up and sweat with the unbearable spiciness of the food. This is the most-spiciest food in the world. Gulping down water or any drinks is not enough to make you feel normal.

Bhut Jolokia commonly called the ghost pepper is used to make the sauce. In 2007, Guinness World Records certified that the ghost pepper was the world’s hottest chilli pepper. “It is imported from Assam, especially for the making of the burger,” said the manager of TBJ.  

TBJ has a long menu of burgers- The Dark Knight, The Beast, The Real Texan, and Haystack Burger that burger lovers can give a try as the taste are different and gives a new experience of food tasting.  

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