Thallumaala Promotion In HiLITE Mall in Kozhikode Sees A Huge Crowd, Event Cancelled

HiLITE Mall in Kozhikode saw a vast crowd, similar to that of the crowd we saw when Lulu Mall hosted a midnight sale. This time, however, it wasn’t a stunning offer that attracted the crowd. The public came to attend the promotion of Tovino Thomas’s upcoming film Thallumaala. The mall was so crowded that they had to cancel the event.

The surprising, huge turnout left Tovino Thomas stunned. He took to Instagram and shared a video where he stated, “We saw a large crowd at the mall entrance. However, we never anticipated such a crowd in the mall. I don’t know if this is good or bad news. We could not conduct the promotional event in the mall. We could not start the event because of the crowd. Even on the stage, there were a lot of people. I have never seen such a crowd in my life.”

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The viral video of the crowd at HiLITE Mall in Kozhikode will leave you stunned, and many, claustrophobic. Swamped with fans holding camera phones, desperately waiting for the Thallumaala cast to appear, seemed scary. Watch the video below:

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