Teachers From Malayalam Cinema Who Left A Mark On Us

We seek inspiration from the teachers from Malayalam cinema, don’t we? After all, they leave something behind, and we’re pretty much awestruck by stunning performances. Some even remind us of our very own teachers from school. Others, on the other hand, we wish would have been our teachers in real life. This Teachers’ Day, we’re bringing some of the best teachers who have graced the silver screen.

Chacko Maash from Spadikam

“Bookolathinte spandanam Mathematics il aanu”. Thilakan as Chachko Maash in Spadikam was one memorable character. A strict Mathematics teacher who has won the President’s Medal, Mathematics is most important to him and he punishes his students severely. Due to the same, he had strained relations with his son who wasn’t great at maths. 

Ravi Padmanabhan from Thaneer Mathan Dinangal

A fraud guru, he is a con-man in disguise. Nevertheless, he entertains students and, in a short span of time, becomes their favourite teacher. Vineeth Sreenivasan as Ravi Padmanabhan ensures lots of singing and fun moments. But he also has a dark side which is seen when he picks on Jaison and abuses his power to the maximum. Quite handsome and charming, he becomes the star teacher for the girl gang. 

Malar Miss from Premam

Every Malayali has watched Premam at least once. Malar Miss has gone on to become the role model for being friendly and always encouraging her students. Sai Pallavi as Malar has performed the role to perfection. Though sometimes criticised for falling in love with her student, we all cried with George after she lost her memory. 

Vinayachandran Master from Manikyakkallu

Pritviraj as Vinaychandran Master proves that a dedicated teacher can change the future of a school. He makes a difference by preparing students for the SSLC examinations; encouraging students to learn and score well. The school becomes the best in the locality and is saved from being shut down. 


Vattoli Porinchu from Olympian Anthony Adam

The typical PT teacher that we have all had, Jagathy Sreekumar as Vattoli Porinchu leaves everyone laughing in their seats. His encounters with Mohanlal are hilarious and his spot-on performance is pure entertainment. Focussed on everything except teaching, he communicates with students in a very casual manner.

Alice from Koodevide

A teacher at a boarding school, Alice (played by Suhasini) brings a major change in the life of her student Ravi. After she mentors him to be a good student, she is often seen spending time with him and giving him attention. This sparks jealousy in her personal life, and her boyfriend accidentally kills her student and surrenders to the police. Alice is left numb at the end. 

Mukundan from 101 Chodyangal

This narrative is a mixture of a child’s innocence and curiosity. Mukandan Sir directs his student, Anilkumar, to find 101 questions and even assures to give him ₹1 per question. The struggles that teachers go through, and the warm relation between the teacher and student, are have been highlighted in this movie. Mukandan Sir is successful at teaching Anil how to deal with his life in the practical sense as well. 

Muraleedharan Master from Anubandham

A poor widow Sunandha starts a kindergarten with the help of her silent admirer, Muraleedharan Master, who also happens to be her ex-lover. Murali Mash is also a teacher and soon becomes the children’s favourite. An unexpected turn of events reveals the story and plot of Anubandham where a teacher is seen in various forms.

Dr. Samuel from Ayalum Njanum Thammil

A Lal Jose masterpiece, the story revolves around the relation of a senior doctor (Dr. Samuel) and a junior doctor (Dr. Ravi Tharakan). Motivating the junior Doctor to be more responsible and always supporting him, he comes in as a saviour when Ravi is on the verge of losing his career. He’s like a caring teacher, guiding the way for Ravi and giving him a second shot at life. 

Did we miss out on your favourite on-screen teacher? Let us know in the comments section.

Shivani Sarat
Content writer and creator. Author of 'Black Daises', a poetry anthology.


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