Sweeper-turned-Block Panchayat President, A Anandavalli is Making a Mark

How did A Anandavalli become the Block Panchayat President in Pathanapuram in Kerala’s Kollam district? Now, that is a question you all must have asked the moment you clicked on this article. In politics, the notion of power begets power is strictly abided by. Very rarely, do we see a shift in that ideology that encourages people from a different class, caste, and gender be a part of politics. But when that happens, it is a sign of change and good things to come. A Anandavalli’s story is exactly that. It is inspiring. It is encouraging. And, it is a change we’ve all been waiting for.


A Anandavalli, 46-year-old, comes from a family of Marxist supporters. Her husband is a painter and a CPI(M) worker. Having served as a part-time sweeper for 10 years, sweeping floors and dusting chairs in the Panchayat office, she is now the President of the Block Panchayat, the same place she worked at.

As a sweeper, from 2011 till 2017, she drew a monthly salary of INR 2000. Just three years ago, her salary was increased to INR 6000. By then, she not only worked as a sweeper but also took the role of an office attendant. She was elected on a Communist Party of India (Marxist) ticket during the recent local body elections, after having won 654 votes from the Thalavoor division. She said, “I have seen how the office functions, but I will have to learn the official procedures and paperwork. Also, I will have to study about issues that require immediate attention.”

During her swearing-in ceremony as President, share shared, “My candidature was not much of a surprise and I was confident about the electoral outcome too. I was not expecting this, but today is one of the happiest days in my life and I am well aware of the huge responsibility handed over to me”.


A Anandavalli has seen how her party works inside out. Growing up with the influence of politics has definitely given her the confidence to take up the new role. Grateful for her achievement, she said, “Only my party can do such things. I am really indebted to it. I was a bit nervous. But my party leaders and well-wishers prodded me to take up the new responsibility. I will do my best to make by block panchayat a role model. I have a lot of responsibility now and I will work hard to make life better for all people in my block.”

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