Staz Nair, The Malayali Who Led The Dothraki In Game of Thrones

It is often said that you’ll find a Malayali everywhere, even on the Moon. Well, it is certainly true in the case of Game of Thrones. Meet Staz Nair, a Russian-Malayali actor and singer who played ‘Qhono’ on the show.

Qhono first appeared on the show in season 6 as part of the Dothraki horde escorting a captive Daenerys to Khal Moro.

He soon turns into one of Danny’s loyal soldiers and becomes the leader of her Dothraki forces.

But things went south for him in the battle of Winterfell and he turned into a Wight.

Staz put out a touching post after the show to tell everyone what the show meant to him and how he’s thankful for the support Malayalis have shown him.

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From Womb to Tomb… THANKYOU @hbo and everyone involved. Can’t help but feel a little at a loss right now, I had just stopped living in a corridor when I booked @gameofthrones so it represents SUCH a transition in my life that I will always be so grateful for. GOT also allowed me to reconnect with my Indian heritage, it’s such an honour to be a part of so much pride, the hometown (Kerala) support has been so humbling so Thankyou to all of my malayali/Indian people. I hope those who haven’t watched the last episode enjoy it. Thankyou for all your support throughout the years, a production is only ever as successful as its fanbase Is passionate – you guys helped turn this show into the legacy its become and its an honour to be a part of that. S. 🖤💙 #got #finale #got8 #qhono #dothraki #malayalipride

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So now you must be wondering what he looks like in real life.

And remember how I said he’s a singer?

Now if you haven’t started liking Staz already, here are a few pictures of him and his dog to melt your White Walker heart.

And here’s one of him beatboxing with his dog.

He sure has made us Malayalis proud and let’s hope we get to see more of him soon.

Staz says he’s coming to Kerala in October 2019, so stay tuned for updates!

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