Start Your Monday With These Cute Animal Posts

Who doesn’t love aww-ing at cute animal posts? They lit up our lives and make every day a better day, including the dreadful Monday. We want you to start your Monday with a rush of happy hormones. Some doctors would confirm that this is great for your mental well-being. So, here are cute animal posts to beat the Monday blues.

Because who doesn’t like a cuddle.

The only relationship advice you need.

Penguins own 2022!

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Spa day done right.

Why so tiny, bugs bunny?

Any day better than our asses.

The hi-5 we all need.

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That smile though…

What a beaut!

Okay, now we need a cuddle.

Cuteness overload!!!!

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That afternoon nap.

Hi human!


Run baby run.

Who doesn’t love a belly rub?

Would you keep a rackoon as a pet?

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