Stand-up Sets By Malayalis You Must Check Out

Are you bored? Then, you should watch these stand-up sets by Malayalis that will make you ROFL! We cried our eyes out laughing uncontrollably. Check it out.

Abish Mathew on Airport Toilets

Apart from being a talented writer and talk show host, Abish has a wonderful knack for physical comedy as well. Exhibit A:

Kenny Sebastian on the Middle Class Restaurant Experience

Though Kenny has evolved into a standup comedian-cum-digital creator, we still love to rewatch the man’s standup sets from his early days – this one in particular, for the high joke density and energy he brings with it.

This set is a perfect example of how Naveen can take an extremely mundane premise and present it in weirdly funny ways. The man embodies quirkiness!

Anu Menon on Malayali Parents

In this set, Anu shares her experiences telling her mom about her vegetarian non-drinker Gujarati boyfriend and in the process, establishes a ‘Malayali code of conduct’!

Vinay Menon on The Indian Education System

In this hilarious set, Vinay takes on the education system one subject at a time, sprinkling it with bits of anecdotal comedy. 

Deepak Mohan on Arranged Marriages 

Deepak takes a universally practised system (arranged marriage) and compares it with another universally practised system (jetty) and this results in some delightful comedic moments.

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Sabareesh Narayanan on Why Women Shouldn’t Watch Horror Movies

A man who doesn’t mince his words, Sabareesh spices up his premise of horror movies with some edgy theories and hot takes. 

Joe Jokes on Matrimonial Sites

John talks about his harrowing experiences, and “learnings” from, a matrimony site, delivering a golden set that is highly relatable if you’re a guy in your kalyanaprayam. 

Mahadevan on Alcohol Addiction

Mahadevan, of “Oru Chiri Bumper Chiri” fame, has begun to slowly but surely create waves in the scene, with his pleasant delivery and well-written jokes.

Did you like these stand-up sets by Malayalis? Let us know in the comments now!

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