Something Weird Happened When A Kerala Man Ordered A Passport Cover

We all love a good passport cover, don’t we? It’s not like our passports need it. But, it is a fashionable statement to flaunt at airports. Mithun Babu from Wayanad ordered a passport cover for himself on Amazon on October 30. Quite eager to receive the parcel, he waited for D-day. But, something unexpected happened.

By November 1st, he received his Amazon package. But to his surprise, he not only received the product he ordered but also a real passport along with it. WHUT?

What’s worse was the customer care response to Mithun’s complaint. When he called the customer care executive, all they said was that the vendor would be contacted and it won’t be repeated. They didn’t utter a word about how Mithun could go about returning the passport to its respective owner.

Something Weird Happened When A Kerala Man Ordered A Passport Cover

The passport belonged to Muhammad Salih, a Thrissur native. Since the passport didn’t have any contact details of the owner, Mithun had to resort to other ways to find the person. Eventually, Mithun got hold of Muhammad Salih and is yet to return the passport. 

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Wondering how a real passport ended up in an Amazon package? According to Mithun, Muhammad Salih must have originally ordered the passport cover. He would have probably returned the product unaware that his passport was inside. 

A few months ago, a similar incident took place when a Kerala man received a bar of soap and a 5 rupee coin instead of an iPhone.

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