Shyja From Kerala Is Breaking Beauty Standards By Flaunting Her Moustache

35-year-old Shyja from Kerala’s Kannur district loves her moustache and she proudly flaunts it. Over the years, she grew uninterested in people’s opinions about her moustache. If you ask her why she keeps it, she would respond by saying that she absolutely loves it on her face.

During her teenage years, Shyja did have tiny stands of a moustache on her upper lip like any other person. She would thread her eyebrows but never felt the need to trim or remover her moustache. She let it grow. Around five years ago, it began to thicken and Shyja loved the idea of keeping it.

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Shyja From Kerala Is Breaking Beauty Standards By Flaunting Her Moustache

In an interview with BBC, she commented, “I can’t imagine living without it now. When the Covid pandemic started, I disliked wearing a mask all the time because it covered my face. I’ve never felt that I’m not beautiful because I have this or that it’s something I shouldn’t have.”

One of the main reasons she loves to keep her moustache is because of her outlook on life. Growing up, Shyja had six surgeries over a period of 10 years. Despite undergoing various treatments, she was able to come out stronger and even better. She realised that she should live her life in a way that makes her happy.

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People do pass comments and all kinds of remarks, making fun of her moustache. But, Shyja doesn’t bat an eyelid. She loves it and nobody’s opinion would change that.

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