Sex Education Kerala, An NGO Aimed At Bringing Sex Education To Keralites

The word “SEX” can evoke strong emotions and thoughts in people, ranging from mystery to humor. In Kerala, the discussion surrounding sex education has often been met with discomfort. However, it is important for the people of Kerala to recognize the importance of sex education. Fortunately, there is an Instagram account that fearlessly addresses this topic.

Various social media personalities, from @seemaanandstorytelling to @Mayas_amma and @leelamangaladas, have been breaking the silence and sparking conversations about human sexuality. In Kerala, there’s an NGO called SEK Foundation (Sex Education Kerala) that is fearlessly blazing a trail in the realm of sex education. They’re not just another page on social media; they’re a collective. 

Let’s did deep into the organization.

What is the Sex Education Kerala Foundation? 

Sex education has long been shrouded in secrecy and taboo. But this particular organization is stepping up to break down barriers and bring comprehensive sexuality education to the people of Kerala. Meet SEK, the Sex Education Kerala Foundation, a non-profit organization with a mission to educate, empower, and enlighten.

The SEK attempts to help people “Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn” about sex. The group is still just starting online, but it has a fantastic goal: educating Keralites. 

What sets SEK apart is its dedication to providing sex education in our language—Malayalam. They recognize that language is crucial in fostering accurate understanding and open dialogue. By speaking directly to the people in their language, SEK ensures that no one is left behind when gaining essential knowledge about sexual health. 

This a vibrant community of professionals and individuals united by a singular vision: to make Kerala a place where sexual education is embraced, and individuals are empowered. They tackle sensitive subjects such as menstruation hygiene, vaginal hygiene, gaslighting, sexual therapy, body image, body shaming, and the crucial concept of consent. They even partner with several counselors and psychologists to produce quality content. Additionally, they hold offline sessions for children on various children-related subjects.

“PROJECT UNLEARN”- A way for a change! 

Led by the Sex Education Kerala Foundation (SEK), Project Unlearn is making incredible strides in creating a more informed society. Through a series of captivating sessions, workshops, and courses, they impart valuable knowledge on a wide range of topics related to sexuality. It consists of many modules on various subjects, including:

  1. Introduction to CSE (4 online sessions)
  2. Extended CSE training (12 online sessions)
  3. Basic CSE trainer- online basic TOT (Training of trainers) 6-month course. 

‘Project Unlearn,’ which includes the input of eminent medical professionals, social workers, sexual advisors, sex therapists, gynecologists, social workers, and research scholars, is successfully bringing about transformation among Malayalis. 

Kerala welcoming progressive movements 

A simple action on our part can have a significant effect on other people. An organization such as SEK has put in a lot of hard work and dedication to imparting the right kind of education. They even have a WhatsApp community where people can join the organization or take courses to learn more.

If you want to be a part of SEK or you want to pursue a certified course in sex education, go for it!  Follow them on Instagram @sexeducationkerala and contact the concerned authorities for further information. 

It’s important to have comprehensive sex education. It equips people with the information and resources they need to navigate the complexities of relationships, consent, contraception, sexual health, and more. Thanks to SEK’s efforts, Kerala is on its way to becoming a state where knowledge about sex is celebrated instead of feared. They are tirelessly working towards creating an informed, aware, and sexually empowered society.

Change is good. Let’s all be a part of these changes happening in and around for the betterment of yourself and others. 

Ranjitha M H
Good day! I'm Ranjitha. Learn, unlearn, and grow. I always hold this to be true in all facets of life. I am a person who enjoys imparting knowledge that I have gained. I'm here to provide you with some intriguing facts and engaging contents. Let me tell you one thing, come read, and don't forget to pass on your feedback so that I can give you more reliable content. Thank you!

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