Secret Lover Hidden at Home For 10 Years!

How is it possible that you can hide a secret lover at home for 10 years, and no one comes to know about it? It does sound like a serial killer plot. In this case, though, it’s about a love plot gone wrong.

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Rahman, a native of Ayilur in Palakkad, had brought his secret lover, Sajitha, 10 years ago to his house. He shares the house with his parents. But the twist is that no one knew of Sajitha’s presence in the house. Sajitha lived in a small room that could be locked inside and outside. She would get out at night to perform her daily routine, while everyone slept.

Sajitha was 18 years old when she had left her parents to elope with Rahman. Her family had filed a missing case back then. The police even conducted a search, including questioning Rahman, but to no avail.

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Source: The Indian Express

Now, you might be wondering how after 10 years this story has come into the limelight.

Rahman went missing three months ago. His parents had filed a missing case. His brother, Basheer, happened to find Rahman on a two-wheeler in Nenmara town one day. The Nemar police intervened, and they were able to find Rahman. When questioned about his whereabouts, Rahman spilt the truth about Sajitha. Rahman and Sujatha had left the house three months ago to live in another village. This explains his disappearance.

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Nenmara Sub-Inspector K Noufal stated, “The story of Rahman and Sajitha staying inside one small room in a tiled house in Ayilur without the knowledge of his parents is unbelievable, to say the least.” Rahman never liked anyone entering his room. His parents never bothered to interfere because of his short-tempered attitude. As such, they were aloof of his doings behind closed doors.

The couple wanted to leave the house, but their financial condition didn’t allow it. So Sujatha had to stay in the house secretly for 10 years. They hid their relationship because they came from different religious backgrounds. They didn’t want to risk their lives.

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