Searching For Sheela Trailer: Osho’s Former Right-Hand Spills Her Story

Netflix’s Wild Wild Country, a documentary series about the infamous guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, famously known as Osho, stirred a lot of controversies about his spiritual cult. But more than that, we also got a glimpse of his then secretary, Ma Anand Sheela, who knew Osho in and out. But, after their fallout, people started questioning Sheela’s true intentions. So, who is she, really? Netflix’s much-awaited drop, Searching For Sheela, might have the answers.

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Searching For Sheela
Ma Anand Sheela

The trailer of Searching For Sheela just dropped, and we can soon find out Sheela’s story from her own point of view. This docu-series will cover her life right from the moment she pleaded guilty to attempted murder and assault to the return to her hometown after 34 years of exile.

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What is Sheela seeking through her story? There’s clearly a lot more to Ma Anand Sheela than what meets the eye. Searching For Sheela is an observation, more than an investigation into Sheela’s life. It’s her story, and we ought to give her a chance to share it. Watch the trailer of Searching For Sheela below to see what’s in store.

You can watch Searching For Sheela on 22nd April, only on Netflix.

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