Revisiting Jagathy Sreekumar’s Iconic Characters

Jagathy Sreekumar is a name that resonates with every Malayali cine-goer. He has been part of the Malayalam film industry for over five decades and has acted in over 1,500 movies. The actor’s impeccable timing, ability to bring life to the characters he portrayed, and comic timing are unparalleled. His ability to bring characters to life? Unreal. And his sense of humour? Well, let’s say he’s the king of comedy! let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of his unforgettable roles. Here are the top five Jagathy Sreekumar characters that are etched in our minds forever!

Nischal from ‘Kilukkam’

Revisiting Jagathy Sreekumar's Iconic Characters

Nischal, the tour guide, who was ready to do anything to become rich, is one of the most iconic characters played by Jagathy Sreekumar. His impeccable comedic timing made him stand out in the movie. The symphony created between Joji, Nischal, and Nandhini, played by Mohanlal, Jagathy Sreekumar, and Revathy, respectively, is still fresh in our memories.

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Kumbidi from ‘Nandanam’

Jagathy Sreekumar played a fake godman in the film ‘Nandanam.’ This con man is able to con the entire family but is caught due to affection for women and alcohol. In a particular incident where he was about to get caught by someone from the family, he adventurously appears in two places simultaneously. This gave rise to us using ‘Kumbidi’ in our daily lives. The character was a good representation of many fake preachers and God-men in today’s society.

Appukuttan from ‘Yoddha’

Revisiting Jagathy Sreekumar's Iconic Characters

The movieYoddha‘ had Mohanlal and Jagathy Sreekumar playing Ashokan and Appukuttan, respectively. These characters were first cousins, and as their parents, they always had a competitive mentality. Jagathy Sreekumar’s performance as Appukuttan was so flawless that he balanced Mohanlal’s performance without any decline.

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Krishnavilasam Bhageerathan Pillai from ‘Meesha Madhavan’

Jagathy Sreekumar played Krishnavilasom Bhageerathan Pillai, the village moneylender and father of Rukmini in the movie Meesha Madhavan. Bhageerathan Pillai never liked him as Madhavan was a thief and also because Madhavan was against his unscrupulous ways. The dynamic between the village thief and the village moneylender was portrayed perfectly, and ‘Pillechan’ found a way into our hearts.

Pachalam Bhasi form ‘Udayananu Tharam’

Revisiting Jagathy Sreekumar's Iconic Characters

Pachalam Bhasi is one of the most loved characters played by Jagathy Sreekumar. The actor played an acting trainer in the movie. Even though Bhasi isn’t talented, he talks his way out of every fix. However, the character tends to fail occasionally due to his stupidity. The way the actor, Jagathy Sreekumar, carried the character was appreciable. The audience can’t think about someone else as Pachalam.

Jagathy Sreekumar is a legend in the Malayalam film industry, and his contribution to the industry is immense. His comeback to the industry was one of the most awaited events of the year. We hope the actor recovers well.

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