Remember The Landlord’s Bungalow In Kantara? You Can Actually Stay There

The 2022 Kannada film Kantara, which is written and directed by Rishab Shetty, garnered praise for its epic storytelling. Even Superstar Rajinikanth took to Twitter to tweet about the movie’s goosebump-inducing feelings. The film, however, has been receiving flak for plagiarising one of its tracks titled ‘Varaha Roopam’. The Kerala-based band Thaikkudam Bridge has raised allegations against the makers of Kantara for ripping off their song ‘Navarasam’

Critic reviews and raised allegations aside, Kantara is filled with stunning visuals, making you wonder where they shot some of the scenes. The landlord’s bungalow in the film, for instance, is actually shot in a heritage resort located in Karnataka. And guess what? You can stay there too!

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Remember The Landlord's Bungalow In Kantara? You Can Actually Stay There

Before you read ahead, you must know that there’s a spoiler ahead. The scene where Shiva walks into the landlord’s bungalow, to challenge him for his immoral way of conducting things, is shot in a well-known resort. In the movie, you see the landlord lavishly having a wholesome meal at a dining table as Shiva confronts him. The scene was shot at Sai Radha Heritage, a resort in Karnataka’s Udupi district.

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Remember The Landlord's Bungalow In Kantara? You Can Actually Stay There

Sai Radha Heritage is a 50-year-old beautiful property that is located right on the beach. Originally a bungalow, the place was turned into a heritage resort so that people could experience the architectural marvel.

You can either book a stay or host weddings, receptions, or any get-together functions here. Stating that the beach-view rooms at Sai Radha are mesmerizing would be an understatement. The well-maintained traditional architecture of the place brings in an unexpected aesthetic.

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Remember The Landlord's Bungalow In Kantara? You Can Actually Stay There

A night at this place will cost you INR 6,500. To experience Kantara on a personal level, we suggest you book a stay at Sai Radha Heritage.

Contact 09243310505 to know all the details.

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