Read These Interesting Facts About Freedom Fight Before You Watch It

Freedom Fight, the anthology of five movies, is going to take you on a roller coaster ride filled with humor, individual politics, rights, and “freedom”. It is a classy movie that is sure to leave you awe-struck throughout the two and half hours of watch time. Let’s go through some of the interesting facts about the movie you would love to know.

First-person Narrative in Geethu Unchained

If you are in a relationship or planning to get married soon, you might have gone through several complex processes of deduction to make the right decision. Sometimes your choices depend on other people’s happiness. If you find yourself in this situation many a time, you will relate to the main character in the movie “Geethu Unchained”. In the film, the director and writer tells the story from a “First-person narrative”. As a viewer, you will finally know if you are “Geethu” or not in the end.

Read These Interesting Facts About Freedom Fight Before You Watch It

Casting The Right People

Asanghadithar, written by Viji Palithodi, is about a tailor-turned activist who fights for her basic rights in the workplace with the help of Naxalite Ajitha. The cast is very inclusive and imperative of trans people. You will remember Ananyah Kumari Alex when you see a particular character in the movie.

Read These Interesting Facts About Freedom Fight Before You Watch It

Food Fascism in Ration

Ration, or Food fascism as I would like to call it, is an extremely new subject in Malayalam cinema. Ration focuses on the relatable theme of the rich and poor hierarchy, especially the difference between upper and lower-middle-class families. The movie has a different take on a similar issue discussed in Dhanush’s internationally acclaimed film Kaaka Muttai. If it was a TV that took over the technological sphere in Kakka Muttai, it was a mobile phone that took over the film here. 

Here’s an interesting short story :

During the 18th century, when the Bourbon family with French lineage ruled over Naples, it became a big city due to their ruling efficiency. The population of rich people grew along with the poor who migrated from different countries to work for them. It was a necessity to find an economical but tasty staple diet for the workers which eventually turned to the discovery of the “pizza” cooked by using flatbread. A large size pizza was all that was needed for breakfast in a family. The rich people scorned pizza as it was the main food for the poor. After years, when Naples returned to power under Italy, the then King Umberto I and queen Margarita showed interest to try the local Italian dishes. One of the special pizzas made for the queen was named after her which turned out to be “Pizza Margarita” we now know. The pizza made with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil looked similar to the colors of the Italian flag. So, the royal family undertook pizza and it became the taste of Italy. The rich started experimenting with different flavors of pizza and eventually, it spread all over the world to more and more rich people. Business deals started with a piece of pizza in hand. Now it is a status symbol all over the world. If you want to Netflix and chill, better have a pizza delivered and coke in hand!

(Short story reference: Madras cafe podcast)

Read These Interesting Facts About Freedom Fight Before You Watch It

This story revolves around food politics that is subtly shown throughout the movie. You will see scenes where the mother cooks pan pizza and sausages which are considered a luxury for them. She doesn’t necessarily understand the culinary fashion her daughter describes when she pan-fries the sausages. When the upper-middle class and rich have Tres leches and other customized designer cakes, the lower middle class are still dependent on the old grandeur of “black forest”. This is inversely compared to the case of our pizza story. Quinoa, Sushi, Brisket are examples of some famous cuisines that were once a poor man’s delight.

What Is Individualistic freedom?

Old Age Home moves deeply into the topic of individualistic freedom and what conflicts come with it. Freedom to follow a passion, freedom to have the food we love, freedom to express opinions. It also shows that this freedom doesn’t wait until all responsibilities are done with. There is a high chance you are bound with internal shackles that restrain you in the form of health disorders or the ‘naatukar enthu vicharikkum factor’. We can understand from the narration that George Baby, played by Joju George, was once a man of supreme power in the family. His helicopter parenting has led his children to espouse similar traits. It made them helicopter children who keep on supervising their parents. It is brilliantly portrayed in this movie and their dialogues match is like no other. 

Read These Interesting Facts About Freedom Fight Before You Watch It

The Return of B/W Movies

Pra.Thoo.Mu shows the movie in a classic black and white style. Maybe because, Jithin didn’t mean to disgust the audience with the literal “shit” this movie handles. Not to mention, the naked horror this movie simply justifies. It draws a clear picture that a person presents their real personality only where they shit i.e. when nobody watches them. Class, status, and power differences have been in discussion for a long time but this movie shows it from a different angle and definitely in a dirty way. These scenes cling on to your minds with the message on top. I still remember a particular scene from the movie Slumdog Millionaire. If you know, you know.

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