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Ramassery Idli: Kerala’s Famous Idli From Palakkad

Ramassery Idli

From Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala’s food map is diverse with numerous kinds of food dishes. Ramassery idli, a special idli from the village of Ramassery in Palakkad, is one of the famous dishes in Kerala you should try.

Ramassery is a small village in Palakkad which is 8 km away from the Palakkad town. This village has gained popularity through its tasty idlis that are very different from the normal idli that you get. It is unique in its taste, way of preparation, and size when compared to other kinds of idlis.

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The History Behind Ramassery Idli

Ramassery idli’s history dates back to around 150 years. No one except the people making the idli know the recipe of this dish. Currently, the fifth generation makes this particular idli in the village of Ramassery. According to the local legend, Chitori Ammal, a member of a weaving family, was the first person to make the iconic Ramassery idli. When he couldn’t make a livelihood out of weaving, he resorted to making this idli to survive. Initially, labourers and farm workers around the village would buy the idli. Due to its popularity, the family started to sell it to other villages.

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What’s So Special About It?

Ramassery Idli is a fusion between idli and dosa, or as Jayaram would call it Thodali. It is very soft and fluffy. The uniqueness of this idli is its way of preparation. You have to pour the idli batter on a square piece of cotton cloth kept on a sieve steamer. Three of these are stacked one above the other on an aluminium pot, which is kept on a traditional firewood stove or regular gas stove. Then it is covered with another pot. Once done, the pot on the top is removed and the fluffy idlis are served hot and steamy. In Ramassery village, you get this idli with coconut chutney, tomato chutney, and their special side dish called Podi. 

Today, around ten families engage with making idli in Ramassery village. They also take orders from caterers who come in search of Ramassery’s special idli. From early morning to evening, the kitchens of Ramassery are busy. You have to visit the place to experience the rush hour.

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It is interesting for food lovers to explore new tastes from new places. Ramassery is such a place for food lovers to experience a new taste of the idli made with a secret recipe passed on from generation to generation.

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