Rain, Coracle Rides, Adventure: Adavi Offers A Dream Trio

The Kerala monsoons have brought back life and buzz to the Adavi ecotourism centre in Pathanamthitta. Coracle rides being the major activity in the area, besides the beautiful scenery, were restrained to short distances due to the water levels. With the rise in water levels, thanks to the rains, long-distance coracle rides are now open to adventure lovers at the Kallar river.

The coracle rides in round bamboo rafts are often a fun soft adventure activity, but when it is combined with the rains, it becomes a thing of beauty. The rides begin from Mundommuzhi kadavu and pass through a number of captivating sights before reaching Peruvali, the final spot. The authorities have also purchased 27 new boats from Hogenakkal in Tamil Nadu, to provide visitors with an experience of a lifetime.

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The state forest department’s Konni Vanamvikas Agency is in charge of the Adavi ecotourism project. The 2-km ride through the forest is in huge demand, thus, helping the forest department to receive profits from the scheme.

The boating facility is open from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. The rates of the ride differ based on the distance chosen. INR. 900 is charged for the long rides and INR. 500 for the short-distance rides with a team comprising of four persons and a child. As safety is given utmost priority here, the visitors are to wear life jackets mandatorily. The forest conservation committee members are usually the paddlers of the boat.

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