Rachel’s Orchard: Fresh Juice Concentrates From Farm To Table

The name Rachel’s orchard reminds me of a chilly place with lush green mountains and fruit-laden trees. A taste of their fresh fruit concentrates will take you to that place. Rachel’s Orchard is a Kochi-based small business started by a husband and wife duo, Jerry John and Teena Jerry. Their speciality is organic fruit concentrates, alongside, fruit preserves and pickles. Trust me; you wouldn’t want to miss out on a refreshing drink made with their fruit concentrates.

Rachel’s Orchard

What’s their story?

Rachel’s Orchard, named after their daughter, is situated in Gudalur, Nilgiris Hills. It is part of an ancestral tea plantation. Being planters, they had access to an abundance of seasonal fruits from the estate. These included glossy blackberries, fresh passion fruit, lemon, lychee, and strawberries. Even after distributing it among friends and family, there was a surplus that had to be put to good use.

They tried to sell the excess but never got a good price. That’s when Teena started making fruit concentrates and preserves as a hobby.

“Teena gave the concentrates to family and friends and got raving reviews each time. Some of them started asking her to take up special orders. That’s when we thought about selling them in our local store. We never thought a hobby would turn into a small business,” shares Jerry. 

Rachel’s Orchard is their initiative to introduce natural fruit concentrates, with no artificial additives or coloring.

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What Are Some Of The Customers’ Favorites?

Their best-selling fruit concentrates are Passion fruit, Lemon & Ginger & Orange, and Mint. Recently their Blackberry and Strawberry Preserves have been in popular demand too.

Rachel’s Orchard

Is Rachel’s Orchard Available Across Kerala?

Their products are available in supermarkets and stores all over Kerala. You can also buy it online through their website www.rachelsorchard.com. 

Delivery is available across India. 

Fun fact: You’ll find some aesthetic and drool-worthy pictures on their Instagram page.

Why You Should Check Out Rachel’s Orchard? 

Fruit concentrates can also be a great addition to cakes, smoothies, puddings, and more. If you’re looking for products bursting with flavor and freshness, then this is the place to check out!

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