Quirky Stationery Under INR 400 You Cannot Say NO To

Why are stationaries too cute to resist? You see, I am a stationery lover. Enter my room, and you’ll see a section of my cupboard dedicated just for my stationaries. I have hoarded them for years, hoping that one day I will use them (but we all know that it ain’t happening anytime soon). The one habit that I have picked up over the years is the knack of finding quirky stationery online, and of course, purchasing them.


So, here’s my favourite list of stationeries I think you’d love if you’re a stationery lover:

  • Sealing wax stamps give out a Victorian vibe. I love them because it reminds me of Harry Potter’s letter from Hogwarts. How vintage, again! Price: ₹299
Love Stationery?
Love Stationery? Postage Themed STAMPS
  • Resin art has been trending ever since the lockdown was announced back in March 2020. Not only does it look great, but the process of making it is also fun and exciting. There are many designs you can choose from to make the perfect DIY resin artwork. This silicon mould has many shapes you can experiment with. Price: ₹320
  • How can you say NO Fluorescent Gel Pens? They’re funky and will make your life colourful, for sure. What’s great is that these ballpoint pens come in a set of 36 colours so you’re spoilt for choice. Price: ₹309
  • Washi tapes are Japanese textured paper tapes that make any ordinary project of yours extraordinary. My eyes are set on these nature-inspired washi tapes. As I write this, my washi tapes are on their way to get delivered soon at my doorstep. Price: ₹299
  • Are you a sucker for handmade leather notebooks? Me too! I swear to god I have close to 20 of these hoarded (and unused) in my stationery paradise. Just look at it. Beautiful, right? You seriously need to buy this one if you claim to be a stationary lover. Price: ₹299
Stationary I Handmade leather notebooks
  • This list would be incomplete without Alicia Souza’s 2021 Little Happy Notes Desk Calendar. As the name suggests, this calendar will bring a smile to your face the moment you see it. This calendar also comes with a flip-through ‘Notes Section’. At the end, there are a few pages with cute random stickers too (Alicia Souza style). Price: ₹399 (Her products are on SALE NOW!)
  • What’s the fun in crafting without having a Scrapbooking Paper Pack by your side? In this, you get 20 different sheet patterns with designs you can stare at all day. I wish I had a wallpaper of these patterns in my room RN! Price: ₹185
  • What’s better than normal brush pens? Refillable brush pens! Best for calligraphy and note-taking, you can even use these brush pends as a brush to mix watercolours. How cool is that? Get your own right here! Price: ₹185

Do you have any that you’d recommend? Tell us in comments!

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