Quirky Malayalam Films That You May Have Missed At The Theatres – Part 3

We’re back with a quirky Malayalam films list after a break. If you haven’t checked out the older quirky Malayalam films list, do head to the links at the bottom of this listicle. And if you have finished watching all those quirky movies, and are looking for new ones, here goes!

Oraayiram Kinakkalal

Much like the movie whose song inspired the title of this film, Orayiram Kinakkala follows a bunch of characters who are in desperate need of money. They finally chance upon a get-rich-quick scheme that seems to spiral out of control at every turn. Biju Menon is dependable as ever, but it is Shajon who really surprised us with the morally grey police officer.


People may remember this is Gokul Suresh’s debut movie. But folks let’s not forget that this was also Vipin Das’s first feature film directorial. Yes, the guy who made Anthakshari and Jaya Jaya Jaya Hai. The premise is wafer-thin and sometimes downright absurd, but Vipin still manages to leave enough laugh-out-loud moments throughout the film.

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Money Ratnam

I’m sure we’re all reaching a point of Intense FaFa Fatigue, so let’s wind the clock back to 2014. Fahadh had a great year with some amazing films like Iyobinte Pusthakam and Bangalore Days, and was fresh from his Kerala State Award win. So it’s rather astonishing that this movie went under most people’s radar. Money Ratnam is a road movie where Fahadh’s character accidentally chances upon a bag full of cash and all the troubles that come with it. Fafa is funny and charming as an everyman and yes, this movie does have him running, in his trademark shorts – The Fafa Trifecta.

Mariyam Vannu Vilakkoothi

Our first quirky Malayalam films list had India’s and Malayalam’s first stoner movie – Kili Poyi. So, in this one, we decided to name the second stoner movie of Malayalam. A bunch of friends decided to get together for a colleague’s birthday and smoke highly potent we*d. As expected, confusion ensues. Jenith Kachappilly knocks it out of the park with a movie that is truly unique and quirky in the fullest sense- with absolute banger uses of the graphics card and the best subtitles after Appupan and the Boys’ Subtitle Chettan.

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Varnyathil Aashanka

Chackochan has done some amazing and versatile roles over the last decade but Varnyathil Aashanka‘s Kautta Sivan might be my favourite. This was one of the many Thrissur-based movies released in the first of 2010s and that’s probably why it flew under some people’s radar. But this Sidharth Bharathan movie is choke-full of humour, wit, and amazing performances. If you’re looking for a local heist movie with plenty of laughs, with Chackochan at his best, Shine Tom Chacko at his most sober, and Suraj Venjaramood before being perenially tormented by the loss of his onscreen offsprings, I cannot recommend this movie enough.


IDI features Jayasurya as Inspector Dawood Ibrahim who grew up wanting to be a police officer, idolising every Inspector Balram or Bharathchandran IPS. The movie is about how he gets his first posting at Kolanahally- a dystopian nightmare of a place where the police have no power; where the officers have resigned and run away, a place where no fresher is ever posted. The rest of the movie focuses on him taking up the job and what follows. While the plot may sound similar to action-packed cop dramas like Kalki, IDI is very self-aware of all the tropes that come within the genre. It is a spoof/comedy but seems to have failed to set it up. But definitely recommended for a fun time watch with friends.

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Adventures of Omanakuttan

No quirky movie list would be complete without a Rohith VS movie. Adventures of Omanakuttan is his directorial debut that features a spectacular Asif Ali and a hilarious Bhavana in a story that’s basically a Bourne Identity Lite. AoO is about an introverted IT professional who uses multiple false identities to chat with women but one day wakes up with amnesia, unsure of who he actually is.

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