QR Code on Tombstone: Kerala Family’s Unique Tribute to Son’s Legacy

Losing a loved one is never easy, but the family of a 26-year-old doctor in Kerala found a unique way to keep his memories alive – a QR Code on his tombstone. Dr Ivin Francis passed away in 2021 while playing badminton, leaving a legacy of music, sports, and community service.

His family placed a QR code on his tombstone at St Joseph’s Church in Thrissur to honour his life. The code, when scanned, takes people to a web page with Dr Francis’s works and achievements.

“We wanted his life to be a motivation for everyone, and that is how we thought of placing a QR code on his tomb,” said Ivin’s father, Francis.

The idea for the QR code came from Ivin’s sister, Evelyn. She believed that simply inscribing something on the tombstone would not be sufficient to portray all that her brother had accomplished in his short life.

“So, she said we place a QR code linked to his profile and place it on the tomb. So, people who scan the code will know who he was and what he did. She created the site and QR code in 10 days,” Francis added.

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According to Iwin’s father, VA Francis, the website contains a collection of Iwin’s pictures, videos, college and community programs, and time spent with friends and family. The idea for the QR code came from Iwin’s sister, who believed that writing about Iwin on the tomb would not be enough to portray his life, and the site and code were created in just ten days. The QR code has been on the tomb for almost a year, and according to Fr Thomas Vadakoot, vicar of St Joseph’s Church, Kuriachira, it is a good way to remember and understand him.

Ivin’s family’s decision to use a QR code on his tombstone is a poignant example of how technology can help preserve the memories of loved ones. QR codes have become a popular way for people to share information, and now, they are even being used in cemeteries.

In this case, Dr Francis’s family hopes his legacy will live on through the QR code on his tombstone. “He was an inspiration to many, and we hope that his life will continue to inspire and motivate people,” said Francis.

The story of Dr Ivin Francis and his family’s unique way of remembering him reminds us that our loved ones live on through the memories we cherish and the legacies we leave behind.

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