Prince Manvendra Singh: An Inspiring Advocate for the LGBTQ+ Community In India

Move over, Disney princes; we’ve got our own Prince Charming in India! Prince Manvendra Singh, the first openly gay member of Indian royalty, has been a prominent advocate for the LGBTQ+ community in India. He has used his platform to create awareness and acceptance for the community and has been a vocal critic of their discrimination and violence. With a heart as big as his crown, he’s been making waves in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. His reign of advocacy is turning heads and making strides towards a more accepting society, one fabulous step at a time. 

However, Prince Manvendra Singh’s journey toward acceptance and understanding has not been easy. In an interview with the Insider, he shared his experience of being sent to conversion therapy by his family to “cure” his homosexuality. He highlighted conversion therapy’s harmful and traumatizing effects and emphasized the need for a more inclusive and accepting society that values diversity and individuality. Now, the only thing he’s trying to do is convert people to the idea that everyone deserves to love and be loved, regardless of gender or sexuality.

Despite the challenges, Prince Manvendra Singh has been an inspiring advocate for the LGBTQ+ community in India. He actively worked towards the repeal of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalized homosexuality. His efforts and those of many others led to the landmark judgment of the Supreme Court in 2018 that struck down the archaic law.

In addition to his advocacy for legal reform, Prince Manvendra Singh has also been actively involved in creating awareness and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community. He’s all about that visibility and making sure everyone’s story gets told. Like, have you heard his own coming-out story? It’s like a fairy tale, except it’s a fabulous rainbow flag instead of a glass slipper.

In a recent online interview with the Times of India, Prince Manvendra discussed his work in Kerala, which saw him getting involved in several initiatives to raise awareness around LGBTQ rights and equality. He spoke about the overwhelming support he has received from the public and government authorities and emphasized the need for more people to come out and support the cause.

The prince expressed his opinion that Kerala has “proved to be a haven for the LGBTQ community” and noted the many initiatives that have been taken by both the state and central governments in India to ensure that those from the community are provided with equal rights and opportunities. He expressed his gratitude for the support he and the rest of the community have received from the Kerala government. He highlighted that influential people from different walks of life, particularly from the film and political arenas, are becoming more outspoken in support of the LGBTQ cause.

Prince Manvendra also discussed how the LGBTQ community could come together to tackle issues such as bullying and discrimination. He emphasized the importance of creating safe spaces for community members and encouraging allies to speak out in their favour. He also spoke about how it is essential to set up support groups and create a collective voice to push for changes in the law.

In an interview, Prince Manvendra Singh and his partner DeAndre Richardson expressed optimism for a better future for same-sex couples in India. They emphasized the need for legal recognition and protection for same-sex couples and the importance of creating a society that is inclusive and accepting of all individuals.

Prince Manvendra Singh’s activism and support have been a beacon of hope for the LGBTQ+ community in India. His efforts and many other allies have created a space for dialogue and understanding, leading to a more inclusive society. As we continue the fight for LGBTQ+ rights, it is essential to have inspiring advocates like Prince Manvendra Singh, who can use their platform and voice to create a positive change for the community.

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