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We Got The Founders Of ‘Fully Filmy’ To Talk About Their Entrepreneurial Journey

Meet the brain, heart, and creative mind of Fully Filmy, Anand Srinivasan, Raunaq Mangottil, and Karthikeyan Manivannan.

7 Aasanas That You Should Try This International Yoga Day

Contrary to popular belief, the idea of having a day to commemorate yoga was only recently conceived, in 2015, at the United...

5 Malayalam Ads That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

The YouTube generation will never know the value of the “Skip Ad” button. Growing up in the 90s, you were forced to...

15 Instagram Accounts That Capture Kerala’s Beauty Perfectly

We did some digging on Instagram to find these people who've captured Kerala's mysticism and people in the most innocent way possible. And they have Kerala's good ol' charm on their 'gram to last a lifetime. Take a look.

5 Haunted Places In Kerala

God’s own country is also home to the Odiyan and the Yakshi. So it is bound to have some spooky stories, right?...

9 Weird Things Malayalis Say When They’re Drunk

Malayalis love to drink. It’s a fact. Our body is like a machine that runs on alcohol. We are not at all...

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Malayalis And Their Muddled Relationship With English

Malayalis have mixed feelings towards English. We have an anti-English cult that worries about the new generation getting Westernised, and a pro-English...

Kaalapani: Did The Movie Overplay The Torture & Treatment Of Inmates?

If you sit down and think about it, Kaalapani is like any other tragedy. Like most tragic heroes, Govardhan is pulled into...

50 Years Of Sarvavijnanakosam, The First Ever Malayalam Encyclopedia

Sarvavijnanakosam, the first general encyclopedia in the Malayalam language, completes 50 years; its first edition got published in 1972. Sarvavijnanakosam, which translates...

Separating The Art From The Artist

The way we consume art and its many forms have constantly changed over the years, for good and bad. In its most...

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What Toy Story 4 Teaches Us About Movies, Stories and Life

Yesterday I saw Toy Story 4, and realized how wrong I’d been about three important concepts. Sequels

Popy vs. John’s: Battle Of The Brands

The world knows about the competition between Adidas and Puma, but we Keralites have our own little brand rivalry and it polarises...

Veyil Marangal: Indrans and Dr Biju Make A Big Win At Shanghai Film Festival

Director Bijukumar Damodaran's new film Veyil Marangal (Trees Under the Sun), has won the Best Artistic achievement award at the Golden Goblet competition at the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival.

8 Malayali Style Instagrammers You Need To Follow For Serious Outfit Inspiration

The one way Malayali women remain up to date on what’s brewing in the fashion fraternity is by following fashion bloggers on Instagram. These days, it’s the quickest way to learn the ABC’s of fashion and the easiest to steal the look. In case you’re looking for style inspo from Malayali style bloggers, welcome to the club.

This 30-Year-Old Malayali Fisherman Removed 3.5 Tones Of Plastic Waste From The Sea

Global warming is a serious issue. We are the sole cause of it. Yet, no one seems to be perturbed by it....

We Got The Founders Of ‘Fully Filmy’ To Talk About Their Entrepreneurial Journey

Meet the brain, heart, and creative mind of Fully Filmy, Anand Srinivasan, Raunaq Mangottil, and Karthikeyan Manivannan.


Thallumaala Music Review: Breaking Down the Wackiest Album Of The Year!

Being a 90s kid, I think I’ve had the good fortune to witness the late stages of what I’d call the Golden...

These Hollywood Movies Inspired Priyadarshan To Make These Malayalam Movies

Priyadarshan is not just an exceptionally talented director; he is an emotion that Malayalis love to keep close to their hearts. We...

Reimagining The Present Lives Of Sarah, Pooja, and Sooraj In Notebook

Venus stands in her prime, while a cool wind breezes past her two best friends' hair. She could feel their presence, she...

Malayalam Song Lyrics That Gave You a Hard Time Decoding

Have you ever listened to Malayalam song lyrics and gone “Wait, sing that again?” or more like “Vyakthamayilla” like the judge from...

Here’s Where You Can Watch Malayankunju

Prime Video today announced the exclusive premiere of the Malayalam survival thriller Malayankunju. Directed by Sajimon Prabhakar, the film features Fahadh Faasil, Rajisha Vijayan and Indrans in pivotal roles. Malayankunju...

Iconic Hugs From Malayalam Movies

There's nothing quite like the warm, fuzzy feeling of a hug. It's a special moment that we all wished lasted a little...

7 Malayalam Movie Scenes That Won My Heart

Cinema is rife with scenes that stay with you long after the movie has ended. These might be scenes that inspire us...