Nitta Rasheed Tells Us All About Tarot Card Reading

41-year-old Nitta Rasheed stumbled upon tarot card reading by accident. And that changed her life for the better.

Nitta, currently residing in Panampilly Nagar, Kochi, has ventured into various career paths in her life.  Over the years, she has worked as a tutor, stock market trader, medical transcriptionist, yoga instructor and much more. But, none of it really sparked joy within her. She shared, “Though it helped me earn what I wanted, I never found passion in any. Then I was led by destiny to tarot reading. The experiences in my life and strongly embedded intuition is my strength in my readings and intuitive counselling that I do. I believe in the mantra ‘I am what I choose to be’.”

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What Is Tarot Card Reading?

We wanted to know what tarot card reading really meant. Nitta was able to give us a simple explanation. She explained, “Tarot reading is a psychic practice of drawing guidance from the divine through energized Tarot and Oracle cards to bring clarity, insight and healing to any decision or situation in your life whatever the areas may be; family, love relations, career, finance, past, present, future, etc.” 

She added, “This is done by tapping into the energy of people or situations whichever is applicable. So rather than predicting the future, tarot card reading is about creating the future by taking appropriate decisions to change your future and destiny, as it’s said you are the creator of your own story. It brings mental freedom into your life to live joyfully by removing any hurdles and confusions.”

Growing up, Nitta has always been an initiative yet a logical person. “Quite contradictory,” she chuckles. Very early in life, she was taught to be logical in order to be successful in life, but deep down, she favoured her intuition over logic. It felt like a battle between the mind and the heart. She shared, “I used to intuitively sense people’s attitude but never trusted them and always dodged them as just my thoughts. But as years passed by, my intuitions started hitting bang on the point. I accidentally came into touch with another lightworker in my life and she introduced me to tarot reading. And from the very first reading, I knew this was destined for me; the readings were precise and accurate and there was no turning back after that.”  Her tryst with tarot reading taught her the value of intuition in creating the pathway to one’s beautiful destiny.

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Busting The Myths 

Contrary to popular beliefs that tarot reading is about predicting the future, it is a medium of the divine talking to you to ease up your life. It is something that brings immense joy, and one has to experience this to truly understand it. Another misconception about tarot card reading is that it meddles with one’s religious belief, which is not the case. Rather, it is a medium to understand the divine power that guides us. If you’re a person who simply loves to meditate or pray, you’d definitely feel the power of the divine trying to speak to you.

Tarot Card Reading I PinkLungi

Some confuse tarot card reading with black magic. Again, it’s a myth. It is purely a spiritual positive divine lightworker practice to end all the negativity and sufferings in your life. Don’t believe it? Try it out for yourself, and experience it. You should know that all the sessions are 100% confidential.

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How Can You Get In Touch With Nitta?

Nitta has helped many people overcome their fears or guide them to make the right decision. All the experiences with her clients are confidential. Not only does she help them grow, she herself is able to understand her potential with every visiting client.

Tarot Card Reading I PinkLungi

The thing with tarot card reading is that anything is possible. If you’re facing any issue, or stuck in any area of your life, taking a tarot card session might open up new avenues of opportunities. Nitta is a professional tarot card reader, and if you’d like to book a session with her, all you have to do is drop an email at or WhatsApp/Call her at  6238086507. 

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