NIT Calicut’s Tathva 21 Is All About The Metaverse And You’d Want To Be A Part of It

If you are an engineering student in South India, there is a good chance that you’ve heard about Tathva – NIT Calicut’s techno-management fest. The first Tathva was conducted in the year 2000 as a platform to showcase technical creativity and acquire cutting-edge knowledge. Over the course of the past two decades, it has grown to become South India’s largest techno-management fest with a plethora of events that range from workshops and lectures to competitions and pronights. 

But we’re still in the grips of a pandemic, so there’s no way such an event can be conducted, right? Well, NIT Calicut is not considered one of the premier institutes in the country for nothing! The students of NIT Calicut have decided to embrace the Metaverse by creating one of their own – a virtual campus where attendees can have the ‘Tathva experience’ from the safety of their homes. 

Don’t believe us? Check out 

And that’s the theme of Tathva 21 – Metaverse. But there’s more to Tathva 21 than just the virtual campus the Tathva team has created. As always, Tathva will host a series of workshops, lectures, and events centred on the “Metaverse” theme. 

If you’re curious about what the Metaverse is and how our current reality will be transformed by the metaverse narrative, Tathva has a few lectures lined up by experts in the field to give you a detailed insight. They even have two Nobel laureates who will be giving lectures in this edition of the tech fest! 

Tathva 21 will also create history by hosting the biggest business pitch event in the Malabar region. Yes, if you have a viable business idea, you don’t have to go to “Shark tank”, Tathva 21 might help you find the angel investor you’re looking for. And staying on the topic of money, Tathva 21 has competitions where you can win prizes worth a total of Rs. 3 lakhs! Now, if all this has gotten you excited, you should know that registrations for the said competitions are now open. 

Here’s a list for your reference.

  • MLtiverse: Competitive Machine learning contest, the model with most accuracy wins (cash prize Rs. 30k)
  • Command Line: Competitive programming event (cash prize Rs. 20k)
  • Valorant: Competitive Valorant gaming tournament (cash prize Rs. 15k)
  • e-football (PES): Online e-football competition(cash prize Rs. 5k)
  • CHESS: Online Chess tournament (cash prize Rs. 10k)
  • Circuit Race: Electrical/Electronics circuit solving event (cash prize Rs. 10k)
  • CADATHON: Designing event (cash prize Rs. 15k)
  • Sketch it up: Civil Engg planning/designing event (cash prize Rs. 10k)
  • Metablend: Blender 3-D modelling event (cash prize Rs. 10k)
  • Perspective: Photography Competition (cash prize Rs. 10k)
  • Blueprint: Paper/Idea Presentation (cash prize Rs. 30k)
  • Squid game: Management Event (cash prize Rs. 30k)
  • Interface’21: Startup Idea pitching event (cash prize Rs. 50k)
  • Aviate’21: RC Aircraft modelling event (cash prize Rs. 8k)
  • Wheels’21: Automotive panel discussion event ft. Hani Mustafa, Founder and Chief Editor of FLYWHEEL

So if you are up for the challenge to face the best from India and claim the prize, head to and register. And if you know someone who would be interested, do share this link with them too! 
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