Nightlife In Kerala: Where Even Bats Go to Bed Early

From the bustling night markets of Delhi to the pulsating clubs of Mumbai, nightlife in India is like a kaleidoscope of colours, each with its unique charm. But in the state of Kerala, the nightlife is virtually non-existent.

After sundown, most people are fast asleep, and the streets are strangely silent and dark. The state is known for its late-night curfews, strict laws, and conservative attitude towards partying and drinking. On the few occasions when bars and clubs are allowed to stay open, the authorities quickly shut them down. Even then, there are few spaces for people to gather and enjoy themselves, and the atmosphere is often subdued and unenergetic. The state seems to turn into a ghost town when the sun goes down, and even the bats have gone to bed before the night has begun! 

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It’s a far cry from the vibrant nightlife in other cities and states across India. But why is this? Is it a sign of a conservative society, or is it simply because there is nothing to do?

Nightlife In Kerala

Even though Kerala is known for its beauty, green landscape and culture, the state often gets a bad rap for its lack of nightlife. People joke about the “midnight blues of Kerala,” which refers to the fact that the state is so devoid of nightlife. Keralites take pride in the phrase “early to bed, early to rise”. While other states are known for their vibrant nightlife, the people of Kerala seem content to stick to their traditional routine, with the occasional special event thrown in for good measure. 

To better understand why this is the case, it is essential to look at the cultural and religious influences that shape life in Kerala. One of the central beliefs that influence the way of life in Kerala is the notion of Punyam. Punyam refers to the idea that one should live in a good and beneficial way for society. This means that people should avoid activities that can cause harm to others or the environment.

To top it all off, the police are known to crack down on illegal activities, and the punishments can be severe. So, if you’re looking for a rockin’ night out in Kerala, be prepared to be disappointed. 

Even though our Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has long talked about building nightlife in Kerala by introducing pubs across cities, it has not come to fruition. Despite being a state with the tag “Malayalis drink like a fish”, the stigma around alcohol still exists. The idea of social drinking, like how you see it in Indian cities, is not accepted. It’s one of the main reasons the state has a massive brain drain.

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Nightlife In Kerala

The way of life in Kerala is very slow. Mornings are prioritised. This means that most people will be asleep by 10 pm and wake up early in the morning. This ideology is part of the culture in Kerala and is adhered to by most of the population. Due to the cultural and religious beliefs of the people, nightlife in Kerala is virtually non-existent.

So, if you’re ever in Kerala and looking for some late-night fun, don’t bother. The bats have already gone to bed.

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