NFT Artists You Can Meet At Utopian Dystopia

Utopian Dystopia is a one-of-a-kind festival that celebrates art, tech and design. This multidisciplinary festival is bringing the likes of artists from across the country and world who will showcase their artwork that follows the coherent theme of Utopian Dystopia. The UD NFT Exhibit will have artists display their work for ten days during the festival. We have listed down NFT artists from Kerala whom you can meet and interact with at UD. The festival is scheduled to begin from the 2nd to the 9th of July 2022 in Platina Hall, Maradu, Kochi. You can come to visit these artists between 11 AM to 8 PM. Book your tickets here.

Vishnu Pavithran

Vishnu Pavithran is an NFT Artist, animator and storyteller. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Design at NID Ahmedabad, his works explore creative storytelling inspired by emotions and excerpts from human-nature interactions.

Vimal Chandran

Vimal Chandran is a multidisciplinary visual artist from India who majorly works on illustrations, photography and film. His works are inspired by native folk tales, pop culture, poetry and childhood memories. Vimal creates dream-like imagery that can be described as familiar and strange, local and universal, and nostalgic and neoteric at the same time. As one of the pioneers, his exploration of the genre ‘Indo-Futurism’ and the skilful concoction of storytelling has been widely appreciated and recognised by art enthusiasts and media around the globe. He has collaborated with brands like Lamborghini, Google, Disney and more.

Reshidev RK

NFT Artists You Can Meet At Utopian Dystopia

Reshidev RK was born in Kannur, Kerala, and discovered a passion for art the same day he learned how to hold a pencil. He went on to study sculpture at the Trivandrum College of Fine Arts ( Kerala, India ). Advertising happened by accident. While pursuing sculpture, he realized his passion for illustration and leapt into the industry, building his unique style. The surreal nature of Reshi’s work explores the connections between humans and the mind. His unique strengths are his striking illustrations inspired by contemporary discourses and rendered in the colorful style of his home state. Reshidev currently works for Wieden+Kennedy in Portland as a Senior designer.

Rebecca Rechana Paul

NFT Artists You Can Meet At Utopian Dystopia
Rebecca Rechana Paul

Rebecca is a Mumbai-based artist and an Animation Film Design student. She creates storyboards for movies, posters, concept art, illustrates the shortcomings of the world’s largest democracy, and makes handmade stationery.

Muhammed Sajid

NFT Artists You Can Meet At Utopian Dystopia

A raw and vibrant energy courses through the works of artist and illustrator Muhammed Sajid, the smashing blend of colours adds to the tinge of the surreal, elevating his designs.  He grew up in a beautiful village in Calicut, Kerala and then moved to Bangalore, where he works as a creative designer. As a kid, he would observe his mom indulging in art and design enthusiastically, attending weekend art classes, and participating in school competitions. Yet, he never imagined the art as something he would take up professionally. 

His work has some natural elements, cultural inspiration, an architectural feel and a surreal approach”, he explains about his artistic sensibility. However, like every artist, he believes his practice has evolved, and it was initially challenging to find his unique voice.

Melvin Thambi

Melvin Thambi is an NFT Artist, Designer & Creative Entrepreneur. He works as a Creative Director at a leading global software company in Texas. Co-founder of Emm & Ennn Art studio. He has been an active supporter of the Global NFT community from the early days.

Hari Menon

NFT Artists You Can Meet At Utopian Dystopia

Hari Menon, is a maestro and creative photographer from Kerala, India. Travelling beyond the roads of his place to capture the hidden stories of the world, especially in India. What makes Hari’s frame distinctive is the art of capturing the unconscious charm in the daily lives of humans. The play of colors, the intimidating expressions, and his craft to seize the apt shots.

A self-taught creator with more than 14 years of experience. Rewarded with prestigious awards, commissioned by the State Government of Karnataka and Kerala, also being partnered with various brands. He has been organizing photography workshops for the curious creators to guide them.

Lately, Hari has been an active creator in the NFT community. He anticipates that NFT will create more opportunities while being a new stage to showcase the skills. Therefore, has been surprising his audience and collectors with showmanship. Hari believes in practice to get first-hand experience of learning and growth. His photographs are the prominent evidence of it.

One of his most exquisite works is the series ‘Invisibles’- depicting India’s serene locked corners of the 16 tribal cultures. His works are appealing, alluring landscapes and mesmerizing portraits, that is what makes him stand out from the flock. Stories are created, where humans stay, instead of capturing nature, he captures the elements of nature naturally; artistic and pleasing candid frames.

Fabin Rasheed

Fabin Rasheed

Fabin Rasheed is an Artist, Designer, Innovator and Technologist working at the intersection of Creativity and Technology. Fabin’s works revolve around exploring different creative expressions through innovative methods touching on topics like society, philosophy and spirituality.

His works span a variety of technology like Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Gestures, Voice, Generative arts etc. His works have been featured in multiple international venues like Ars Electronica, NeurIPS Creativity Gallery (Vancouver, Canada), Florence Biennale (Florence, Italy), Contemporary And Digital Art Fair (CADAF), Athens Digital Art Festival (ADAF, Athens, Greece), Boston Cyberarts (Boston, USA), Singapore Art Week (Singapore) etc.

In early 2021, he was selected as one of the top 10 global finalists at the Aurea Awards, honouring Excellence in VR & AR Entertainment. Fabin holds a Master’s Degree in Design from the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.

Anantha Krishnan S Kurup

NFT Artists You Can Meet At Utopian Dystopia

Anantha Krishnan S Kurup is a digital artist and designer from Kerala. Currently, he is working as a User Experience Designer for a corporate firm in Germany. He is also the Co-Founder of NFT Malayali Community. He has sold more than 60+ NFT s and collected a few too.

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