Neyyattinkara Couple Death: What Exactly Happened?

47-year-old Rajan and 40-year-old Ambili who lived in Neyyattinkara in Thiruvananthapuram had succumbed to an unfortunate death that shook Kerala. As they threatened to commit suicide, the Neyyattinkara couple was accidentally set ablaze, leading to their death. Here’s what happened.

The family of four, Rajan, Ambili and their two sons were living in a dilapidated house built in three cents of ‘poramboke’ land. One of their neighbours, Vasantha, had tried many means to evict them, including approaching the Neyyattinkara Principal Munsiff court stating that the family lived on encroached land. The court ordered the eviction. As a result, police officers in the area went over to the house to evict the family.


In the video, that has surfaced on the internet, one can notice that the police officer was arrogant during the eviction. We see Rajan and Ambili, the Neyyattinkara couple, pouring petrol all over their body in protest and threatens to commit suicide in an act of desperation. Rajan was can be seen lighting a lighter. As one of the police officers tries to snatch the lighter from Rajan’s hand, it accidentally leads to the fire spreading all over the couple. 

Video Warning: While we have added the video below, please note that it is a hard sight to see. 

The couple were immediately taken to the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. But unfortunately, they did not survive the burns. During his time at the hospital, Rajan did mention that he just wanted the policemen to back off and had no intention of committing suicide.

20 minutes after the incident occurred, the sons received a court order that issued a stay on the eviction.

According to The News Minute, Rajan had asked his sons to bury him in the compound of their house. The son shared, “Before passing away, my pappa held my hand…he said he should be buried where we lived. My pappa’s last wish should be fulfilled. I’m humbly requesting the Chief Minister to help us and give an order. Only then my pappa will get peace.”

Following this incident, Rajan’s body was cremated within the compound of their house. Post Covid-19 test result, Ambili’s body will be brought home, according to sources.

One of the sons, Ranjith, has apparently filed a complaint against Vasantha, her brother and her son at the Thiruvananthapuram SP (Rural) accusing of bribing the policemen and requesting a CBI probe into the case.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan finally took action and immediately ordered that a house be constructed for the children. The Government has also decided to sponsor the children.

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