New WhatsApp Features That Will Make Life Easier

WhatsApp keeps releasing new features and it can get quite hard to keep a track of all the changes the team keeps making to the app. But, have no fear for we are here to give you a summary of everything you need to know about the new features that WhatsApp has rolled out.

Forwarding Info & Frequently Forwarded notification

In an attempt to curb the spread of fake news, WhatsApp has rolled out these two features pertaining to forwarded messages. Forwarding info will tell you how many times a message has been forwarded.

You will have to navigate to the “Message Info” section of a particular message to see how many times it has been sent. Thus, you will be able to see this info only for messages you’ve sent. However, if you are curious to find how many times a message you’ve received has been sent, forward it to a friend and then hit the “Message Info” icon.

If a message has been forwarded more than 4 times, a “Frequently Forwarded” tag will appear in the message bubble.

Source: Digit

Admin will have to send a request to add you to their group

Do you get added to groups that you do not want to be a part of? WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature that will make it mandatory for Admins to send you a request asking if you want to join their group.

You’ll have to change your privacy setting for this to work though. Head to the Privacy section in your WhatsApp Settings, and navigate to Groups. The default setting in the Groups page will be “Everyone”. Change it to “Nobody”. Now the Admin will have to seek your permission before adding you to their group.

Voice messages will play one after the other

Do you have friends who are too lazy to type and send a volley of voice notes? Previously, you had to play these voice notes one by one. But not anymore! After the latest update, consecutive voice notes will play one after the other automatically.

What’s next?

Beta users have access to an additional feature that lets them secure the app using their fingerprint. Comes in handy when you have nosy relatives and/or friends, eh? Hopefully, the fingerprint authentication feature will be rolled out soon. But until then, test the other three that we’ve mentioned above.

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