Nee Podhumey: Shakthisree Gopalan Drops Her New Single on Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s day, and you know what that calls for, feel-food music, chocolates, and binge-watching our favourite movies. Cliché to another level, but worth every moment! But, before you kickstart your romantic festivities, we’ve got an announcement to make. Our favourite singer on the block, the Filmfare award-winning recording artist Shakthisree Gopalan, has finally dropped her much-awaited Tamil single, Nee Podhumey. A worthy addition to your Valentine’s Day playlist!

“Nee Podhumey” roughly translates to “all I need is you”. It’s a soothing, acoustic pop song that will make you feel wholesome, light, and get you in the mood to relax. More than that, it’s about that homely feeling we attach to that one person in our life. This intimate song transcends time and creates a journey of moments that we can totally relate to.

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Shaktisree shared, “This song is about the feeling of home that we find in the person we love, and that home is truly where the heart is. It was written and composed in 2020, at a time when our entire world essentially became our home and our loved ones. And in the confinement of being homebound for months was the realisation that all we need is the people we love – we can live with so little and it can be more than enough. But with all the chaos and noise of everyday life, we seldom stop and realise these little things that are really profound. I wrote the whole song in a day or two – it almost tumbled out of me in a way.

She further added, “The lyrics and the music represent the story of two people expressing what the other person means to them, and there is a sense of drama in how the emotional arc of the song unfolds. From being incredibly intimate to extremely overwhelming, it required an expression of vulnerability and warmth.”

For the first time ever, Shakthi is seen producing a duet, featuring the well-known musician Akshay Yesodharan. He is a trained guitarist, singer and actor. Shaktisree has been friends with him for a while and they have wanted to work on something together for some time. With Nee Podhumey, she wanted to have two voices that would weave in and out to express intimate storytelling in the lyrics.  

When I was going about producing this song to life, I really felt Akshay would be perfect for this. I love his expression as a guitarist; there is so much soul in his playing. Akshay has arranged and performed the guitar parts in “Nee Podhumey” and has also rendered the vocals along with me. This was his first time recording a Tamil song and he has given it so much heart and magic,” stated Shaktisree.

Nee Podhumey is about love, warmth, trust, togetherness, and the small little big thing that love is. The words from the song “Nature Boy” – “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return” (Eden Ahbez ) captures this so beautifully. This is what Shakthisree Gopalan hopes the listeners would take away from this song. Listen to it, and just feel the lyrics playing in your mind. It hits different.

Listen to Nee Podhumey here.

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