Myself and My Moves (MMM), Thrissur-Based Dance Community Making Waves

Myself and My Moves primarily focus on moving with style and providing the right platform for education. Starting in 2016, MMM has built its way by sticking to the notion that dance is more of an education than entertainment. Located in the core of Thrissur, this dance studio at Aswini junction is the righteous place for all dance lovers to learn and enjoy dance.

 The founders of Myself and My Moves, Sumesh Sundar and Jishnu Das, started their journey when they were part of the same dance crew in 2008, where they used to attend shows, competitions, and classes. Later they went on different paths, explored various genres of dance forms, and found their way through distinctive styles under proficient people. Then Sumesh Sundar proposed a school for movement, and eight years later, MMM happened. To think apart from the concept of dance as a step and to envision the movement aspect of dance is a goal they never stopped focusing on.  

When asked about the uniqueness of the name, they talked about the importance one puts on a community. For a community to grow, it is essential for all individuals to have their self-growth, a space for self-learning, and a vision to enhance the importance of ‘I’ in society and thus the name – “Myself & My Moves.”

What makes MMM different from other dance communities is their very idea to enhance the quality of education one should achieve while working on a style. When MMM began its journey, artistic expression was limited in Kerala, particularly in the realm of dancing, which was confined to basic steps. MMM played a significant role in introducing street culture to many Keralites who were unfamiliar with the concept. And it is indeed a delight to see that the students who were there in the starting batch are now the faculties of the dance studio, which is not a common sight you get to see. 

Both Sumesh and Jishnu had their perpetual vision of promoting the culture. Doing choreographies was one of the ways to bring out the change in people. Sumesh Sundar is a former student of Vidya College of Engineering, Thrissur, and the founder of the college dance club D’addiction, he started doing choreography for the same team he was once part of. Meanwhile, Jishnu Das focused on GEC Thrissur’s dance club- DHD. The immensity to which choreo competitions have grown and the performances of both crews had their role in helping MMM reach out to its current audience.

MMM’s annual festival DDF is an exemplary stage to discover how street culture is in distinct parts of the country. December Dance Festival (DDF) happens every year in December when specialties from across the country gather at Thrissur to give a basic idea of unique styles and their respective approaches. 

Bheeshma Parvam movie was their next milestone. Most Keralites got to know them with their impeccable choreography for Parudeesa and Rathipushpam. They also did the choreography for the movies Palthu Janwar, Oru Thekkan Thallu Case, Sulaikha Manzil, and Anuragam. The people of Kerala are currently hooked to the songs of Sulaikha Manzil, and it has become a must in all wedding scenarios.

They have recently launched their official merchandise – The Triple M Store, where you can buy their tees, tote bags, and bandanas. And for those of you who do not know, in Los Angeles, the Bloods and Crips gangs wore red and blue bandanas, respectively, as a symbol to show their appetite for one or the other gang.

If you want to be a part of MMM dance fam, now is the time. They take both online and offline classes on weekends and weekdays. EMMMerge into the revolution of dance

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