Home Entertainment Must-Watch Malayalam Films Featuring The Iconic Actor Innocent

Must-Watch Malayalam Films Featuring The Iconic Actor Innocent

Must-Watch Malayalam Films Featuring The Iconic Actor Innocent

Malayalam cinema is known for its versatile actors who have left a mark on the industry with their acting skills. One such actor who has been a part of the Mollywood industry for over five decades is Innocent. He is a brilliant supporting actor known for his versatile acting and comedy skills. We look at a few must-watch movies featuring Innocent that showcase his incredible talent.

Verily, Innocent Vareed Thekkethala was a celebrated Indian actor who graced the silver screen with his remarkable talent. His career spanned over five decades, and he acted in more than 750 films, making him one of the most prolific actors in the Indian cinema industry. The journey began in 1972 with his debut in the movie Nrithashala, directed by AB Raj and produced by Shobana Parameswaran Nair.

Innocent’s unique mannerisms and dialogue delivery made him stand out in the industry. His roles in films like Kilukkam, Nadodikkattu, Kabooliwala, and Vietnam Colony became iconic, etching his name in the people’s hearts. His performances were widely acclaimed by both audiences and critics alike.

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He excelled in comic roles and proved his versatility by portraying character and villain roles in films like Devasuram, Ravanaprabhu, Mazhavilkavadi, Keli Kathodu Kathoram, Vesham, Pingami, and Adwaitham. He brought depth and meaning to each character he portrayed, earning him respect and admiration in the industry.

Innocent was an actor and a producer of several films like Vida Parayum Munpe, Ilakkangal, and Ormakkay. He was widely respected for his contribution to the Indian cinema industry.

Here are 6 Malayalam films that feature Innocent and are highly recommended for viewing:


Innocent’s portrayal of a character with a small but significant role in the movie affects the plot. He effectively demonstrates his comedic abilities in his pivotal part of the film. The narrative revolves around a young man struggling with a severe inferiority complex who marries a stunning woman. However, his love and concern for her rapidly turn into mistrust. You can catch this movie on Amazon Prime Video.


Unlike most of his roles, Innocent portrays a very serious character in this film. Nonetheless, his performance adds a touch of humour to the story. The movie follows the story of Neelakandan, the spoiled heir of the affluent and prominent Mangalassery family. He wastes his father’s wealth by helping people in his village. An altercation between his aide and his childhood rival’s uncle creates a problem that echoes throughout the film. You can watch the film on Eros Now.

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Despite having a more minor role and less screen time, Innocent manages to captivate the audience with his impeccable comedy timing in this movie. The plot revolves around a young woman’s quest to find her father in Ooty. She pretends to be mentally unstable to seek refuge in the house of a tourist guide, Joji. This heartwarming film is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.


In this film, Innocent delivers a serious yet humorous portrayal of an alcoholic father who loves his son but struggles to escape alcohol. This type of role is commonly seen in his films. The movie centres around Old Kochu Thresia, whose family finds her peculiar and doesn’t take her strange requests seriously. She befriends Reji, a sensible young man who assists her with her requests. You can watch this film on Amazon Prime Video.


One of the factors that make this movie one of the best Malayalam films from the early 90s is Innocent’s exceptional performance. Additionally, his on-screen rapport with K.P.A.C. Lalitha enhances the movie’s appeal. The plot centres around Anjooran and his family, who hold a strong grudge against women, resulting in his sons remaining unmarried. Nevertheless, things turn out when Anjooran’s youngest son falls in love with Malu, whose grandmother is Anjooran’s arch-rival. Catch this movie on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Ramji Rao Speaking

Innocent’s exceptional performance in this movie has made it one of his best films. His delivery of the iconic dialogue, Ramji Rao Speaking,” has become a household phrase and is still referenced in films, memes, and comedy skits worldwide. This movie marked a turning point in Innocent’s career, propelling him to overnight fame and spawning two sequels. The plot centres around three bachelors struggling to make ends meet while unemployed. To earn quick money, they become involved in a kidnapping scheme. You can watch this film on Disney+ Hotstar.

Innocent has proven to be a versatile actor who can easily adapt to different roles. These six movies featuring Innocent showcase his incredible talent and are a must-watch for Malayalam movie lovers. 
It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of this great man. A cancer survivor, Innocent battled complications related to the illness for nearly three weeks. Sadly, he passed away at the VPS Lakeshore Hospital in Kochi, Kerala, on 26 March 2023, at 75, due to complications from COVID-19, as confirmed by his treating physician, Dr V. P. Gangadharan. May his soul rest in peace, and may his legacy continue to inspire future generations.

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