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Mullapoov Beliefs and Hairstyles We Bet You Didn’t Know About

Mullapoov Beliefs and Hairstyles

Almost all important marriages and festivities seem incomplete with Mullapoov, right?. But have we ever tried to know more about them? Naah, right?

Why are they used so widely? What is their significance? And how can we blend them with fashion? Let us decode all of these while going through some Mullapoov beliefs and fashion trends.

Mullapoov and Free-hair Combo

Belief: Many believe that Jasmine flowers bring prosperity and good luck. It is one of the main reasons for its inclusion in wedding ceremonies. 

Styling: Many think that these garlands can go well with mostly hair-buns. But it is not so. These can go well with free hair and make your hair look effortlessly beautiful. Just secure them well with some bobby pins and allow them to add to your manageable fashion.

Mullapoov and High Hair Bun

Belief: It is often said that a gajra was initially used as symbolism – If an unmarried woman wears it, she is ready to get married. And if a married woman wears it, it symbolises her youthfulness and elegance.

Styling: A high hair bun never disappoints. Especially if you have short hair. A high hair bun gives an illusion of more hair. The trick is to wrap the thick Mullapoo around your hair bun, and this garland adds volume. Just use a lot of hairpins and you’re good to go!

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Mullapoov and Bridal look

Belief: Jasmine garlands are known to reduce stress. The queen of flowers helps us fight the anxiety and nervousness of the bride on her big day. The serene smell of Jasmine flowers soothes the minds and calms the bride who wears them.

Styling: Brides tend to experiment a lot with Mullapoov these days. Here, the pretty bride has done a fusion with some very cute flowers that match the shade of her attire. And this makes the white Jasmine flowers stand out in the thick garland bun. This is one popular way to add your favourite flowers to your lookbook.

Mullapoov Hair Wrap

Belief: Many deities receive jasmine garlands as part of religious rituals. And since it is offered to the divinity, wearing them on your hair tends to invoke blessings. Many believe that wearing Mullapoov can enhance the auspiciousness of an event.

Styling: The look is all about wrapping a long Mullapoov garland around pleated hair. You can intertwine Baby’s breathe or Rose flowers in between depending upon the colour theme of your attire. This look compliments long hair looks.

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Low Hair Bun 

Belief: It is believed that the scent of Jasmine can release feel-good chemicals in one’s body. It tends to boost energy. 

Styling: A low hair bun with mid-parted hair is a divine look. Anyone can easily try it and rock the whole look. Here you may see how a simple Chaandbaali with this mid-parted low bun wrapped with a single Gajra is winning like a pro!

Mullapoov layers

Belief: It is believed that these flowers are an aphrodisiac. For those who are new to this word, it means a substance that arouses sexual instincts. Apparently, it increases sexual pleasure and performance. 

Styling:  Go for this if you want to save time on styling. Just take in a long lace of this, divide it into two, pin it to the centre of the hair. You can let it dangle around your shoulder. Simple and a beautiful look.

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The Bud-bun

Belief: In olden times, everyone kept their hair long irrespective of their gender. They believed that Jasmine flowers had the capability to cool the skull by absorbing heat.

Styling: Instead of using bloomed flowers, use Jasmine buds to make the Gajra. This looks very neat and sorted even if you mix it up with other flowers in between them. 

Credit: Wittyvows

Floral Jewellery

Belief: Flower garlands are the best natural deodorants. People go for fragrant flowers to overcome the body odour. 

Styling: There are many functions apart from marriages where you can try this. The floral pieces as jewellery can really be a great look for your important days such as during haldi, Mehandi and other festivities.

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Patch layered look

Belief: Many believe that Jasmine flowers have the capability to purify the soul with their fragrance. They symbolise hope and spiritual power in some parts of the world. Gifting these to your loved ones amplifies your affection for them.

Styling: For detailed hairstyles, you may try patches of the garland as a complimentary hair accessory. You should be wise enough to decide the number of flowers in the patch. Do not let it take away the attention your hairstyle should get.

Knotted garland

Belief: As per mythology, Mullapoov is considered to be one of the symbols of devotions, love, purity and blissful relationships. It denotes good luck. In many traditions, people gift Jasmine garlands as a lucky charm.

Style: You can try taking in long garlands for this look. Instead of securing it with bobby pins, try to knot them on your hair layers. This is an easy and cute way to blend in garlands on mainly free hairstyles.

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Are there other Mullapoov beliefs and styles that should be on this list? Tell us in the comments section below.

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