Mollywood Actors Who Were Dubbing Artists Too

A character comes to life not only when the actors perform well but also through the voice in which the character speaks. The role of Vivek Oberoi ie. Bobby in Lucifer wouldn’t have been so powerful if Vineeth hadn’t dubbed it. That’s the influence of a dubbing artist. They are the persons who lend the voice to any character. So, here are a few Mollywood actors who are not in the dubbing field but eventually turned out to be dubbing artists.


Sreenivasan is an acclaimed screenwriter, actor, filmmaker, and producer in Malayalam cinema. Apart from this, he is also a dubbing artist. He has given his voice to Mammooty in Vidhichathum Kothichathum, Mela, Vilkkanundu Swapnangal, Oru madapravinte kadha and to Nedumudi Venu in Ilakkangal as well.

Mollywood Actors Who Were Dubbing Artists Too


Thilakan, who is famous for his elaborate method acting, realistic and spontaneous appearances, has given his voice to the famous playback singer S P Balasubramanyam in the movie Magic Magic 3D. This was SPB’s first Malayalam movie. 

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Mollywood Actors Who Were Dubbing Artists Too


Saikumar made his debut in the blockbuster hit Ramji Rao Speaking. Later on, he was part of major successful movies. He lent his voice to Suresh Krishna in Karumadikuttan and Rakshasa Rajavu,  Sathyaraj in Aagathan and Thiagarajan in Thilakkam.

Mollywood Actors Who Were Dubbing Artists Too


Jayaram who started his journey as a mimicry artist made his debut in Padmarajan’s movie Aparan. The role played by Keereekadan Jose in Kanalkattu is dubbed by Jayaram who himself plays a character in the same film. Kankettu and Witness include the other films dubbed by Jayaram.


Vineeth Sreenivasan

Vineeth Sreenivasan is a famous actor, director, playback singer, and composer. Did you know that he made his debut in dubbing in the Roshan Andrew movie Notebook for Skanda Ashok? Elektra, Positive, Malarvadi Arts Club include the other movies dubbed by him.

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Mollywood Actors Who Were Dubbing Artists Too


Urvasi started her film journey as a child artist. She lent her voice to her elder sister Kalaranjani in the famous movie Nandanam. She has also dubbed for various Tamil, Telugu and Kannada movies.

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Mollywood Actors Who Were Dubbing Artists Too


Revathi is known for her stunning performances in Malayalam and Tamil movies. But very few know that she has lent her voice for Khusboo in Chandrolsavam, Pooja Batra in Megham, Sridevi in Devaragam.

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Shruti Ramachandran

Shruti made her debut in Njaan but became famous for the role in the film Pretham with Jayasurya. She has lent her voice to Ruhani Sharma for the movie Kamala and Shritha Sivadas for the movie Sunny. She also won the Kerala State Award for best Dubbing artist for Kamala.

Mollywood Actors Who Were Dubbing Artists Too

Here are some examples of the mainstream actors who have worked as dubbing artists. Even in recent times, dubbing is considered an underrated profession. Comment down more such artists who have turned into dubbing artists.

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